Spain Sets Record in Wind Power Generation

Posted: March 13, 2009 in environment
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By generating 40% of the energy required by wind Spain set a world record last week. When high winds blew through north-west Spain on Thursday, a massive 11,180 MW was generated. Of course the wind energy farms were helped by one of the strongest spells of fierce winds experienced by the region recently.

Spain has been at the forefront of producing clean energy, especially wind energy. By producing 11.5% of its overall energy through wind turbines Spain has become the 3rd largest producer of wind energy after Germany (2nd) and US (1st). Whereas many European countries like the UK are dragging their feet around the figure of 7300 MW, Spain has an ambitious target of achieving 20,000 MW by 2010.

The major companies working in the wind energy generation segment in Spain are Iberdrola, Acciona and Endesa.

At their peak production performance, Spain’s wind turbines were working at 69% of the maximum theoretical potential. Among the top three wind generation producing countries in the world Spain is producing around 16,000 MW, Germany around 24,000 MW and the US around 25,000 MW, consequently, enjoying the first place. Even after being the biggest producer of wind energy, America still produces just 1% of its total energy requirements and that is why Spain was able to set the record.

The figures came as the World Wildlife Fund praised Spain’s rapid move into renewable energies. Spain has also earned praises from WWF for its overall effort in developing renewable energy during the past 12 years. By the next year Spain aims to meet 30% of its annual electricity demand from renewable sources.

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  1. pochp says:

    Spain also has a town whose power comes mostly from solar panels in a cemetery.

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