Painting: David Stoupakis

Posted: March 14, 2009 in creativity


Souvenir of sadness (Korn: See you on the other side)

David Stoupakis is a New-York based surrealist/gothic artist. He is primarily a painter; he has also done artwork for Korn‘s album See You on the Other Side and Haloburn’s debut album. The themes of his work include death, life, God, decay, rebirth, the juxtaposition of the impossible with the unreal and the barely possible.

According to David his paintings are about the strength of imagination, innocence, and the truth that children are are far more intelligent than most adults give them credit for. And his paintings, like fairytales, are open to interpretation. Viewers have had mixed reactions about his work. Some observe a sense of purity within David’s imagery, while others see only brutality.


The tea party


The bad stuff


Book Head


Stage Fright


Trick or treat

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  1. souvenir of sadness is amazingly brilliant so well done it makes a surrealist sense and is very sound David stoupakis you are a legand mate!

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