The changing nature of tattoos

Posted: March 14, 2009 in creativity


A visitor to the 17th International Tattoo Convention in Berlin in 2007

This guy is just so different from today’s trendies; he still looks like he belongs to an era when tattoos went to the gutsy, the outlaws, the fringe dwellers, the rebels, the people living in the darker corners of society. Tattoos were tribal then and tattooing was an artform; people would put a lot of thought in the design of their body art – like the guy above. And I could imagine people’s tattoos had meaning for them and a lot of them might have been quite unique as well.

Quite different from today where tattoos have become a major fashion fad, with designs ripped off celebrity magazines (see links below) and chosen according to current tattoo design trends; even tongue tattoos are beginning to be considered by the mainstream. Given the fashion nature though of tattoos I wonder what people will do when their tattoo does not represent the latest trend anymore – not as easy to change as last year’s clothes …

As for some background on tattoos, people’s journeys around and with them, the cultures, meanings and history of tattoos (including their celebrity cult status), etc. it’s worth checking out Vanishing Tattoo.

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  2. kala says:

    uhh mister you not ever gonna get a job =( but hey thats okay i guess you can always get them removed… right?? sure do hope you can. what does your mom think of all that jazz on her sons face ?! i would be mad… anywho hope you get a job make so money provide for your familey . good luck mister

  3. Brandon says:

    I think its amazing. Who gives a shit what people think there kala, live for yourself and for those who love you. Fuck negative judgement. And hes probably sayin fuck you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. katie says:

    tht must of hurt rlly bad but look good not bein nasty u look a bit like fredy cruger

  5. Shorty says:

    Hey that looks sick with it that shit must of hurt a shit load. Did it? well keep doing want u do, even if people talk shit ,u no every body has there own opinon. Bunch of shit talkers in this world

  6. emilio says:

    chido yo tengo 56 perforasiones pero ningun tattoo

  7. red says:

    do what you do!

  8. suzi says:

    it’s discusting

  9. scott says:

    i think that is fucking awsome i want it done to my face lol

  10. tilly says:

    Minging !! sort it out mate

  11. weedman says:

    thats so fuck grouse man like you spent all that money for what to look like a fuckin cloun lol
    thats fuched

  12. d-weazy says:

    what a way to be perceived

  13. d-weazy says:

    it brings out his kind gray eyes.

  14. tiffany says:

    it looks very painful

  15. sexy says:

    your dumm!!

  16. biltcliffe says:

    sexy much;) i liike it (Y) my dad has almost the exact same and my mum has the same patter on her uhmm.. arse… :L and chloe has her clit pierced along with suzie ๐Ÿ™‚ my friend sophie parker wants a female circumsion ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. kim says:

    yuuk, i doubt he has a girlfriend, thats just rough, who wold walk around looking like that, but if its what he likes then YOU GO BOY!!!!! fair play to you

  18. Satellite103 says:

    nice tatoo
    and nice heading .. supporting social cutural ecological and technocal revolution etc ..

  19. lOveee . says:

    wOw – this is qrOss . um bravee muChh . aY that’s yO biSS . lameo

  20. mario says:

    those tats an piercings are fucking amazing but they must of hurt like shit

  21. Daniel says:

    Do what you want to do.

  22. Dineisha says:

    why would u do that

  23. Brenna says:

    Every1 hu h8s it shut the fuk up!
    Its a traditional maori (New Zealand)Tattoo that men and women get put onto ther faces. mayb most of them arent 2 that extent, but u stil shuldnt judge anotha culture. I live in New Zealand myself. And thats just like me going up 2 Americans and saying ur fat obese shits that eat alot of McDonalds. Fuk dont judge unless u been there.
    That guy is proud of his heritage, GO KIWIS!

  24. paul black says:

    It dont look so traditional. the kiwi and the owl seem to be changed a bit. i think it is one of the better moko’s ive seen too. you dont need us to tell you, but fuck the haters!! peace

  25. LooNy says:

    Danggggggggggggggg that shit must of hurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still its kracy

  26. **KELLY** says:


  27. tony says:

    rallate el bendito chiji

  28. Brady says:

    Woo You Go Man! Screw All You Negative People. (Your Probally All Religous Suppressed Ugly Freaks.) ๐Ÿ™‚ Induviduality Is Key In Our Society Today. Thanks To The Posers Running Around These Days People Who Don’t Want To Be Like Everyone Else Have To Do Extreme Things To Be Recognized.

  29. nana16 says:

    no to crazy but that tat is mad hard

  30. Alofah says:

    Many women are fed up with their old makeup and extensive morning routine. They wish that they could ditch their exhaustive beauty habits and switch to something easier and quicker without losing their put together look.Following these five simple tips can enhance a womanโ€™s natural beauty in just minutes without the usual hours of primping and polishing

  31. RobK says:

    personally no i wouldnt do it but yea man that is the shit. had i the cultural backing or the drive to delve into it, yea i would go around and present myself like that…. kala at top… ur a bimbo 3====D OX enjoy it

  32. SilentAssassin says:


  33. sarah kadi says:

    this picture is the most gayest one in the world

  34. jordan lefko says:

    fuck yoouuuuu

  35. tori says:

    oh my freakin god dude i cant see how you can even go out side that is soooooooooooooo ugly oh my goodness

  36. tank says:

    i want to put my d1ck thru those ear holes mmmm

  37. Tattooed_Girl says:

    This is beautiful. People that can handle this kind of pain and ridicule deserve a big fucking round of applause.
    dude you know whats up. People are ignorant. Tattoos are still used today as a way of symbolism and self expression. This is rare because of media induced normality and trendy ass holes that think it makes them bad ass. I personally intend to tattoo my throat and hands along with a large portion of my body. I also intend to have tattoos around my eyes.

    Most of you who have commented on this image are pathetic. It is unnessicary to trash what you dont know or understand. Yall are probably like 12 anyway.

    Rock out with the ink. Keep it real man.
    I’ll be right there with ya!

  38. petee says:

    u gay ass nigg

  39. thickness says:

    eeeeeee dats nesty but im gayyy tooo so dat put dat shyt n his tats r cold as hell i cant wait until ii get mines but im not geten dat many now dats to much

  40. rachel says:

    those tats are awsome

  41. victoruia says:

    thats tight i want my face like that tooooo

  42. Tiara says:

    that is AAAAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. YerMansBitch says:

    odeee yer madd sexii like can we meet nd like well uhmm fuckk call me 877-393-4448

  44. Jimmy Clegg says:

    well its a tradition!

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