Braille Graffiti

Posted: March 15, 2009 in creativity


Braille Graffiti was a project for the blind by 39 forks‘ artist Scott Wayne. This project was an attempt to create a unique moment for a blind person who might happen across one of these bits of braille graffiti. Generally, braille found in public is of quite apractical nature, directing them this way or that. In addition, blind people miss out on the beauty that graffiti can present in our culture, both aesthetically but also conceptually. Braille Graffiti is an attempt of creating a change to the environment, by providing a unique experience for blind people who happen to come across these bits of graffiti designed for them.

Five different phrases were peppered around Portland, Oregon in late August, 2007. The visible tag is included in an attempt to draw attention to all who pass, making it more likely for a blind person to come in contact with the words via suggestion from friends or passersby.

One sentence reads: You don’t have to be blind to see that the writing is on the wall.
Another: Tiny bubbles that randomly rose from the paper in this arrangement.

It of course won’t replace the visual encounter with a piece of street art, but it could add a touch of thoughtful and sometimes poetic caring for the blind to an otherwise very pragmatic and even bare public environment. I wonder whether the initiative was taken any further, helping it spread to other cities – and also how blind people reacted to the project.

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