Snake farm thrills – not sure though whether I’d wanna work there

Posted: March 15, 2009 in environment

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Snakes really are magnificent creatures, and by and large they are quite harmless – even the most poisonous ones: if you leave them alone that is. Here in Australia we have many of the most dangerous snakes in the world, and though some of them live in our garden, I’ve hardly seen any in the last 12 years of living here. If you are careful, they’ll get out of your way long before you spot them – and why wouldn’t they given we as a species are not only physically much bigger than they are but also much more lethal. We have neighbours on both sides who unfortunately always kill a snake when they see one – a disgusting practice we haven’t been able yet to talk them out of. And while snake bites of course can be at least highly dangerous and debilitating, as this video shows, it is also great to see the respect and admiration shown by the snake handlers towards these beautiful creatures.

[Video by National Geographics]

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