Add names to your DVD drives

Posted: March 16, 2009 in science & technology
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If you have a number of drives with locked file names (like your DVD drives), renaming them is not something that windows allows you to do so. To the help comes gHacks with a little portable program called Drive Namer. It’s actually been designed for exactly that purpose but it can change other drive types too, like Compact Flash, SD Memory Card, virtual drives etc.. The application requires the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 to run but does not have any other requirements.

It’s easy to install: just open the zip folder and extract the contained Drive_Namer_(net2).exe file to a directory of your choice. Once you’ve opened the program, it will display the small form (see above). It provides a pull down menu for all drive letters of the computer system including those not in use. Changing the drive letter of a DVD drive would simply involve selecting the correct drive letter of the DVD drive from the menu and entering a name in the form next to it. A click on the Set! button will enable the name on the system, which then can be checked in Windows Explorer.

The original location of Drive Namer is no longer providing the file download for the program. You can download it below right from the Ghacks server. The download has a size of 10 Kilobytes. There is also a download link at the Donation Coder website pointing to a file host. Could go down in the future which is why gHacks provides the download mirror as well.

drive namer

  1. PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN. Why? Follow the trail to where the advice on this page takes you. Ultimately you’ll end up at the site and that’s wear it ends. The program “DRIVE NAMER” does not exist, lots of comments but where’s the program? It’s exactly this kind of bogus info that I detest because IT WASTES TIME. Here’s a tip: FACT CHECK.
    Please prove me wrong. If you can find this program, I’m not only humble enough to apologize but I will also offer thanks. I’ve searched the web and all I get is a big ” huh ? ” or ” WHAT ? “.
    Good luck.

  2. Robert Reppert says:


    I downloaded this from this page and it does not work with Windows 10 x64. Is this the same program I read all of those wonderful comments about? An easy utility, all it needs now is to live up to the “hype”. If this is in fact “THE” prog., it sucks it didn’t work as claimed. Bummer.

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