God Hates Signs – Protest against The Westboro Baptist Church

Posted: March 16, 2009 in creativity, society
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This is an oldie, but it’s so clever and maybe even courageous and as relevant as ever: a brilliant God Hates Signs protest against the protesting members of the infamous hate cult “The Westboro Baptist Church“. Check out the links below on other more recent creative actions against the ‘Church’ – like the ‘God Hates Figs’ campaign.

[Laughing Squid via Urban Prankster]

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  2. seth matthews says:

    the westboro baptist church claims everyone BUT them will go to hell. do you think God likes them doing this. the WBC is THE fag church, not the catholic church. i KNOW the man who created the WBC will burn in hell, and all of his followers. EVERY CHURCH BUT THE WBC WILL GO TO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. will says:

    whats so wrong bout bein gay? i think as long as you are happy with your love who cares! god will always love you and the person you are and the person you will become and its wrong to have there kids have a sing in there hand that says that god hates fags thats just F*#ked up so f*ck everyone who hates gay ppl just f*ck you all!!!!!

  4. Rich Bateman says:

    I’m one Baptist who appreciates someone standing up to these maniacs. God, at least the God in whom I believe, doesn’t hate anyone. No qualifiers, no exceptions, no small print, not even these poor, sad, weak-minded lunatics from Westboro who say and do such awful things, and even have their children join them. It’s very sad.

    PLEASE don’t lump all of us Baptists in with these crazies. Any Baptist worthy of the name strives to love and understand and tolerate anyone. Again, no exceptions.

    So GOD BLESS the ‘God Hates Signs’ Guy!

  5. […] Bilder amerikanischer Grasswurzel-Patrioten in den Kopf, die sich ihre Transparente entgegenhalten: ‚God hates Fags‘ vs. ‚God hates Signs‘ [Update: Link […]

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