Todos a Marar: Portugese agent’s staged walk through a shopping centre

Posted: March 16, 2009 in creativity

Todos a Marar is an informal group of so-called agents that is inspired and supported by Improv Everywhere, the New York group that “causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places”. Here Todos a Marar’s mission in Lisbon was called “People are Strange”. A group of 7 agents met in a Park close to a train station where they received the briefing for the mission: to go in a single file to the Tell El Inglés shopping centre, with each agent representing a unique character. They had to enter the centre with naturalness, walking up the escalators to the top level and back down again. The aim was to arouse smiles and laughs in people busy with shopping, and it seem the goal was by and large achieved. After 30 minutes, shopping centre security expelled the group – amazing they let them act for that long; the agents left without fuss. Watch the reactions of shoppers, staff and especially one of the kids!


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