Rich people and their ‘green’ investments

Posted: March 18, 2009 in environment, society
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The Green Rich List

A special survey of how the world’s wealthiest people are turning into eco-pioneers

The global rich are going green as never before. This first Sunday Times Green Rich List shows that the enthusiasm among the world’s wealthiest for investments in areas as diverse as electric cars, solar power and geothermal energy is unaffected by the recession.

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Rank Name Country Wealth Green investment
1 Warren Buffett USA £27bn Wind power
2 Bill Gates USA £26bn Renewable fuel
3 Ingvar Kamprad Sweden £22bn Renewable energy
4 Marcel Brenninkmeijer Holland £19bn Natural power
5 Mukesh Ambani India £15bn Life sciences
6 Michael Bloomberg USA £14.4bn Natural energy
7 Michael Otto Germany £13.2bn Green products
8 Paul Allen USA £11.5bn Natural fuels
9 Donald Bren USA £8.2bn Environmental research
10 Sergey Brin USA £7.5bn Green energy
11 Larry Page USA £7.5bn Green energy
12 Serge Dassault France £7.5bn Electric cars
13 Andreas and Thomas Strungmann Germany £6.8bn Solar power
14 Hansjörg Wyss Switzerland £6bn Open spaces
15 Philip Anschutz USA £5.8bn Wind power
16 Hans Rausing UK £4bn Packaging
17 Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen Denmark £3bn Toymaker
18 Dennis Washington USA £2.7bn Conservation
19 Alicia and Tannetta Fentener van Vlissingen Holland £2.4bn Conservation
20 José Manuel Entrecanales Spain £2.3bn Renewable energy
21 Aloys Wobben Germany £2.2bn Wind turbines
22 Norbert Rethmann Germany £2bn Waste services
23 Bill Koch USA £1.9bn Renewable energy
24 Stephan Schmidheiny Switzerland £1.9bn Sustainable development
25 Nicolas Berggruen Switzerland £1.8bn Wind power
26 Gordon Moore USA £1.8bn Bio-diversity
27 T Boone Pickens USA £1.8bn Natural power
28 Jeff Skoll Canada £1.8bn Electric cars
29 Stein Erik Hagen Norway £1.7bn Electric cars
30 Theodore Lerner USA £1.7bn Green sports
31 David Rockefeller USA £1.7bn Sustainable agriculture
32 Edward Bass USA £1.5bn Eco research
33 Nicky Oppenheimer S Africa £1.5bn Wildlife conservation
34 John Whittaker UK £1.3bn Green energy
35 Sir Richard Branson UK £1.2bn Renewable energy
36 Ted Turner USA £1.2bn Wildlife conservation
37 Otto Happel Germany £1.1bn Solar power
38 Julian Robertson USA £1bn Global warming
39 Tom Siebel USA £1bn Alternative energy
40 Carl Berg USA £900m Clean technology
41 Tom Golisano USA £900m Natural resources
42 Nicholas Pritzker USA £800m Electric cars
43 Peter Sperling USA £800m Renewable energy
44 John Doerr USA £750m Green venture capitalist
45 Caroline Getty and Anne Earhart USA £750m Conservation
46 Sebastian Pinera Chile £700m Conservation
47 Petter Stordalen Norway £700m Renewable energy
48 Jorgen Philip-Sorensen UK £650m Eco-consumerism
49 Tulsi Tanti India £648m Wind Turbines
50 Jaiprakash Gaur India £620m Wind power
51 Brad Kelley USA £570m Wildlife conservation
52 Vinod Khosla USA £560m Alternative energy
53 Xiaofeng Peng China £560m Solar power
54 Michael Ahearn USA £550m Solar power
55 Felix Dennis UK £500m Tree planting
56 Jim Mellon UK £500m Solar power
57 Axel and Erik Schweitzer Germany £500m Recycling
58 Michael Moritz USA £475m Alternative energy
59 Cheung Yan and family China £470m Paper recycling
60 Frank Asbeck Germany £440m Solar power
61 Wendy McCaw USA £400m Environmental research
62 David Werklund Canada £400m Oil recycling
63 Selim Zilkha USA £400m Renewable energy
64 Wang Chuanfu China £375m Eco-friendly transport
65 Shi Zhengrong China £370m Solar power
66 Morris Kahn Israel £350m Environmental protection
67 Phillip Sheppard and family UK £330m Recycling
68 Dou Zhenggang China £325m Waste-to-energy
69 Yoon Seok-Keum S Korea £310m Solar power
70 Bruce Cheng Taiwan £300m Renewable energy
71 Johan Eliasch UK £300m Forest preservation
72 Teresa Heinz USA £300m Environmental research
73 Ralph Sarich Australia £300m Carbon-free development
74 Lawrence Tomlinson UK £300m Green transport
75 Robert Wilson USA £300m Conservation
76 Lu Xiang-yang China £275m Green transport
77 Thomas Domenig Switzerland £260m Conservation
78 Anu Aga India £250m Energy conservation
79 Jin Baofang China £250m Solar power
80 Angela Bennett Australia £250m Carbon-free development
81 Miao Shouliang China £250m Renewable energy
82 Akio Toyoda and family Japan £250m Green transport
83 Liansheng Miao China £222m Solar power
84 Zhu Gongshan China £220m Solar power
85 Olivia Lum Singapore £220m Clean energy
86 Jöel Séché and family France £220m Renewable energy
87 Elon Musk S Africa £210m Solar power and green transport
88 Roxanne Quimby USA £210m Conservation
89 Joan Smith USA £205m Water conservation
90 Jean-Michel Germa France £200m Wind power
91 Zac Goldsmith UK £200m Environmental philantropy
92 Lu Yonghua China £200m Solar power
93 Huang Ming China £200m Solar power
94 Terry Peabody Australia £200m Waste and industrial recycling
95 Zhang Weihua China £200m Industrial recycling
96 Chen Wukui and family China £200m Solar power
97 Li Xianshou China £200m Solar power
98 Qu Xiaohua China £200m Solar power
99 Huh Yong-do S Korea £200m Wind power
100 Jifan Gao China £200m Solar power
  1. Ben says:

    Interesting reading. For us who are not rich, we do our part by promoting green awareness.

  2. Would you believe it that persons are earning millions of dollars each day promoting info items on line and offline? You too can tap into this company and create a job for yourself and other people.

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