ExxonMobile and Shell Oilshow show their true face by committing only to “green” technologies derived from petrol

Posted: March 19, 2009 in society
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This post by Hydrogen Cars & Vehicles just shows the hypocrisy of the large oil companies when promoting their “green” image:

I’ve talked about ExxonMobile and Shell Oil before in regard to creating alternatives to oil that will green the environment. At this time it was hard to tell whether their interests were legitimate and just another public relations greenwashing ploy from yet another set of major corporations.

Well, now both Big Oil companies have decided to show their true colors. Shell Oil, after putting up hydrogen fueling stations in places like Washington DC, Iceland, Los Angeles and Shanghai, China have announced that they are winding down their investments in wind, solar and hydrogen in favor of the more lucrative biofuels sector.

Over the past 5 years, Shell Oil has spent $1.7 billion in renewable energy development, mostly in the wind sector, with smaller amounts invested in thin-film solar and hydrogen development for cars. ExxonMobile, on the other hand has decided to jump on the hydrogen bandwagon and scale up their efforts.

The only catch is that ExxonMobile wants to use gasoline to produce hydrogen on demand inside the vehicle. While this research is being sold to the public as a green alternative, the goal is the sell more gasoline.

ExxonMobile does not address with this new technology the desire by many to wean ourselves from dependence upon foreign fossil fuels. Conversely, the ExxonMobile plan will keep this dependence alive and well for years to come. And will be very profitable for them.

Now, just like a tiger can’t change its stripes, neither can Big Oil transition into Big Alternative Fuel. Oil companies at the core sell fossil fuels. They may put on alternative energy dog and pony shows every once in a while to throw the public off their trail, but when push comes to shove and its time for profit, its all about the oil. It always has been.

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