Humans’ dim future – a realistic assessment

Posted: March 21, 2009 in reflections, society
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Is global warming a hoax? The story on climate change and the Non-Future of human civilisation


Is global warming a hoax? Many [people]are convinced that it is just a hoax, contrived by the government to grab power and destroy the economy. In my view, that explanation is half right.

Yes, in my opinion global warming and climate change is absolutely being used by Big Government to grab more power, restrict more freedoms and in many ways consolidate power at both the national and global levels. That much is clearly true. At the same time, however, climate change is really happening.

I see convincing evidence that the activities of humankind are, indeed, altering our atmosphere in ways that accelerate normal processes, essentially dominating the cycles and throwing them far out of balance. The recent findings on rising sea levels, for example, truly are cause for concern for long-term “big picture” thinkers. Good studies show sea levels rising at a rate approaching one centimeter per year.

Last week, 2500 scientists gathered in Copenhagen to issue a stark warning about carbon emissions and “irreversible shifts in climate.” And much like an environmental freedom fighter, NASA scientist James Hansen is now spearheading protests aimed at the “do nothing” governments that sit around and ignore the climate change problem while things continue to get worse.

It’s important to remember that just because Big Government is exploiting this crisis to grab power doesn’t mean the crisis is not real. What’s happened here, in my view, is that power-hungry bureaucrats around the world have latched onto this very real development of climate change and found ways to exploit it to their own advantage.

As Hillary Clinton famously said recently, “Never waste a good crisis.” And they sure aren’t hesitating to leap on this climate change crisis as a way to restrict freedom and grab power.

Why Big Business wants you to believe global warming is a hoax

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because Big Government is grabbing power that CO2 emissions have no impact on the environment. Those who say global warming is a hoax are essentially declaring that mankind can pollute the atmosphere without consequence. This position serves the financial interests of the coal companies and coal-burning power plants, of course, who don’t want to have to spend the money to clean up their emissions. It also happens to be the position of Big Business, which wants to pollute the planet without limitation.

The big chemical polluters in modern society are using well-known techniques of disinformation and distraction to try to convince people that polluting the air with CO2 emissions is harmless. This is the same position as the dental industry claiming mercury fillings are harmless, or Big Pharma claiming their pharmaceuticals have no impact on the water supply. Throughout the history of modern civilization, big corporate polluters have always claimed their chemicals are harmless and have no effect on the planet.

Meanwhile, our planet is dying. Biodiversity is plummeting. Species are being lost at an alarming rate. Deforestation is taking its toll. Dead zones are expanding across the oceans. Rainfall and drought patterns are shifting and leading to more “natural” disasters such as Australia’s recent firestorm tragedy.

These are side effects of a global ecosystem out of balance, and it is humans who are disrupting this ecosystem more than any other single factor through runaway emissions of pollutants that affect the air, water and land.

I agree with the freedom-minded individuals who are concerned that Big Government will latch onto this crisis to confiscate even more of our freedoms. That is a very serious and legitimate concern. Yet the pollution of our atmosphere — and the subsequent changes to our climate — are very real, and virtually nothing is being done to put a halt to the burning of fossil fuels that threaten our world in the next few hundred years.


If you want my blatant prediction on what will happen with all this, here’s my take on the situation:

  1. Virtually nothing will be done to curb CO2 emissions. CO2 levels in the atmosphere will continue to rise over the next years or decades.
  2. The planet’s ecosystems will becoming increasingly imbalanced as a result, causing even more flooding and droughts. One difficult year of radical weather patterns will destroy much of the world’s food supply, causing a food crisis.
  3. In the aftermath of the food crisis, we will either see a mass starvation of human beings, or possibly an outbreak of global infectious disease that kills a billion people or more.
  4. Either way, the human population will likely be reduced by at least a billion people in the next 50 years, through starvation or pandemic disease.
  5. The human population will continue to be reduced through such processes until the emissions of humans reach a “stabilization point” where the planet can handle the level of pollution being produced.

In other words, government won’t solve this problem, but Mother Nature will. There is absolutely no question that the current human population on the planet is a crazy fluke in the history of planet Earth. We are a short-term-thinking species that burns up all the fossil fuels in the blink of an eye, destroying our own planet and destroying ourselves in the process.

Human beings do not have the maturity to achieve sustainable life on planet Earth

hunger1Global warming is not a hoax. But in many ways, modern human civilization IS a hoax. Living on the precipice of sustainability, using up all the resources our planet has granted us, modern human beings demonstrate astonishing arrogance coupled with an infantile lack of vision.

From a big picture point of view, we act like little more than bacteria in a petri dish, experiencing a momentary population boom, eating up all the available food until overcrowding and pollution causes a massive die-off. Seemingly, we are more intelligent than bacteria on a person-to-person basis, and yet taken as a whole, the human species is no wiser than a colony of bacteria that consumes, reproduces and dies.

The human race has no vision, no maturity and no self discipline. It is a ragged band of selfish, greedy, short-term thinkers, and unless this changes, the human race has no real future on this planet or any other.

Do not focus your fear on whether Big Government is exploiting the global warming crisis for political gain. You should be far more concerned to discover that you are living among a population of numbskulls who eat, and poop and argue their way into the abyss of self destruction, oblivious to the fact that their everyday acts of consumption destroy the very world they claim to be protecting.

About the author: Mike Adams is a natural health author and technology pioneer with a passion for teaching people how to improve their health He has authored more than 1,500 articles and dozens of reports, guides and interviews on natural health topics, impacting the lives of millions of readers around the world who are experiencing phenomenal health benefits from reading his articles. Adams is a trusted, independent journalist who receives no money or promotional fees whatsoever to write about other companies’ products. In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a maker of super bright LED light bulbs that are 1000% more energy efficient than incandescent lights. He also launched an online retailer of environmentally-friendly products ( and uses a portion of its profits to help fund non-profit endeavors. He’s also the founder and CEO of a well known email mail merge software developer whose software, ‘Email Marketing Director,’ currently runs the NaturalNews email subscriptions. Adams also serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a non-profit consumer protection group, and pursues hobbies such as Pilates, Capoeira, nature macro-photography and organic gardening.

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