Shocking evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Posted: March 25, 2009 in society
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These three Guardian videos provide shocking evidence for what has been alleged hundreds of times: that the Israeli army commits barbaric war crimes; even its own soldiers have admitted it recently – some of them even gloating about it. It is clear that neither the army nor the government of Israel will do anything to curb the contempt for international law and the criminal intent of many of its soldiers, a lot of them highly ranked commanders.

Of course, it’s the nature of armies and their wars that always bring out the worst in people, but that can never be an excuse. But Israel is defiant. It thumbs its nose at any independent inquiry attempts into its alleged army’s crimes by simply declaring it acts within international law. When presented with clear evidence to the contrary it blames those civilians killed by saying they took the risk by being in the area; since they lived there, what were they supposed to do one might ask? One might also ask what gave Israel the right to be in their area with its war, with its precision killing machines?

Israel has lost any moral and ethical right (if it ever had one) to accuse others of brutal aggression. The actions of stone throwing Palestinians and rockets fired at Israel border towns that hardly ever cause death or injury pale into insignificance in the face of barbaric atrocities and massacres committed against Palestinians by Israel since its inception in 1949 – some of them under the command of military leaders who later became prime ministers.

Israel is a brutal rogue state hat unfortunately is protected by the US due to the influence of the powerful Jewish lobby in America and mollycoddled by Europe, especially Germany, as a result of what happened to the Jewish population during the rule of fascism. It’s time the world wakes up and stops buying into the moral blackmail Israel throws at it every time it is criticised – by using the word ‘antisemitic’. It’s time the world realises that Palestinians are Semites too and therefore questions the meaning of the ‘a’ word. And it’s time we investigate the brutality, arrogance, racism, hypocrisy and inhumanity that is hiding behind the mask of innocence and moral outrage every time someone formulates an accusation against the Jewish state.

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