G20: Cementing the old world order

Posted: April 4, 2009 in society

Gordon Brown’s reference to the New World Order sounds ominous because, apart from menacing Big Brother associations, it means strengthening the old economic world order. Its all about keeping alive the banking and finance system, free trade, the growing gap between rich and poor (especially since both the middle class and the poor got poorer through the current economic disaster), the fixation on consumerism and with it the ongoing destruction of the natural ecology – to the detriment of all life on this planet including the that of our own species.

When a bunch of politicians get together to change the world, all you can expect is rhetoric, spin and measures to prop up the old structure – no surprises therefore at the G20 meeting.

Leo Panitch is one of the many gatekeepers whose role right now is still very much an observing one as well as one of planting seeds.

[Real News Network video – the second part of this interview unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available right now]


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