Open a full-size Flickr photo with one click

Posted: April 4, 2009 in science & technology
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It’s been quite annoying so far that you needed several clicks to open Flickr photos in full size – but not anymore. offers a greasemonkey script that allows you to click only once on a Flickr image so see it in all its full-size glory. All you need is a Firefox browser with the Greasemonkey extension installed. Then go to and click on install to get Johannes la Poutre’s Flickr script.

Once installed, the script looks for thumbnail images from Flickr and links these images to their original uploaded (full size) versions. This also works for any page where thumbnails are displayed directly from the Flickr servers.

The script adds an icon on the top left of thumbnail images. Clicking this icon takes you to the original uploaded photo version. Links open in a new Firefox tab. Some users don’t allow links to high resolutions from the zoom page; in this case no “ORIG” icon will be displayed.

Surprisingly though not all Flickr pages are included in the website list. You might want to add an entry like http://** to the list of allowed sites to include all pages on Flickr (in Greasemonkey preferences).

[Via gHacks]


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