Eco-friendly makeup brushes & accessories

Posted: April 6, 2009 in society
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eco-friendly-makeup-brush-set-hemp-caseI’m not at all a fan of makeup, and would be very suspicious of its long-term effects on my skin even if I would have an interest. But if someone feels she (or sometimes he) has to use it, I guess it’s good to focus on natural AND eco-friendly products. has a post not so much on make-up but on using accessories that could help you greening up your daily regimen. While the sensitive consumer has become aware of choices from organic to cruelty-free to minimal packaging, some people forget the little extras that tend to go along with makeup use. And some of those items to give some eco-consideration to include brushes, cotton pads and swabs, and specialty applicators.

Go to to read more about some of your eco-smart makeup accessory choices from Eco Tools for your beauty routine…

  1. ecocentrics says:

    Nice, many would love them.

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