The crazy race to produce cheaper cars continues

Posted: April 6, 2009 in environment, society
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Not only does Tata Motors with its Nano want to dramatically increase car pollution in India and the rest of the world, Chevrolet has joined the mad race hand in hand with some short-sighted European government incentives. In Lombardy, Italy the starting price of about €10,000 can be dropped down to €2,900 with various incentive, including those due to the LPG (Liquiefied Petroleum Gas) conversion kit. Oxymoronic AutoBlog Green reports that the Matiz will be soon to be replaced by the local version of the Spark. AutoBlog Green enthusiastically breaks down the incentive effects as follows: there’s a €1,500 discount from Italy’s environmentally unfriendly scrapping plan, €2,000 for purchasing a LPG vehicle, €800 direct from Chevrolet, and €3,000 from the Lombardy region to stimulate the purchase of new cars. And, if the Matiz is too small, you can get an Aveo for about €4,400. It’s obvious that much of the world (including AutoBlog Green) just doesn’t get the intersection between the current economic disaster and the unfolding environmental one, and the fact that sooner rather than later both will merge.

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