Monsanto cannot be trusted in relation to the HR 875 bill

Posted: April 8, 2009 in society
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So far I had published two posts on activists’ concerns about the HR 875 bill destroying organic agriculture in America: one with an activist video calling for efforts to reject the bill and another with a post by nonny mouse on Crooks & Liars, distancing him/herself (?) from comments he/she (?) had made earlier in support of the concerns against Monsanto. At the time I was quite skeptical myself of the claim that HR 875 will destroy organic growing the States (despite my perception of Monsanto being pure evil), but now I’m getting more and more convinced that the bill indeed has the potential to destroy the organic industry in America or at least do irrepairable damage to it.

After all: for years Monsanto has been successful in destroying the livelihood of individual organic farmers first by knowingly encouraging the risk that their crops will be contaminated by the company’s genetically modified pollen carried by the wind and insects (rendering their crops worthless as ‘organic’ crops), and then suing those farmers for using GM seeds when they replanted them next season.

This is by far not the only case of unethical behaviour on Monsanto’s side; the list, too long to write about here, includes the company’s direct involvement in the development of the first nuclear weapons, being the main producer for Agent Orange and DDT, lieing about the dangers of pesticides and artificial sweeteners (which it also produced), lieing about the effects of the weed killer Roundup, damaging the health of its employees and of residents in and around its production facilities, bribing government officials, stealing seeds in developing countries and then slapping patents on them and wanting to charge the local farmers in those countries for using them despite them and their ancestors having cared for them for thousands of years (biopiracy), suppressing findings of the serious adverse health effects of its GM products on rats, manufacturing bovine growth hormones that produce cancer in women and children, having produced a legacy in polluting the environment – all in all having a very long record of fraud, cover-up, bribery, deceit, and disdain for the public interest.

Having read the article below on the HR 875 bill by Stephen Lendman, I now come to the conclusion that activists’ concerns in the US about the future of their organic industry are indeed valid. Monsanto cannot be trusted, and I think that it is highly probable that the company has indeed sponsored the legislation.

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