Wanna have a green kitchen? Start with these 10 items

Posted: April 8, 2009 in environment
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Blisstree does not only have a nice name, but also quite a few good ideas – like these ones below for a green kitchen. I was happy to realise that we can cover 50% of the list, but at the same time it also raises my guilt in some quarters 😉 .

  1. Decent vegetarian cookbook: A diet with less meat is important if your goal is green living. Meat can take a toll on the environment and your body. You don’t need to go totally vegetarian or vegan, but you should incorporate a few meatless meals a week (read how the planet will benefit).
  2. Ice pop molds: This is especially a must if you have kids, but even if not they come in handy. Ice pops molds allow you to use up leftovers (smoothies, yogurt, fruits, etc), and cut down on store bought dessert waste.
  3. Silicone: Silicone items rock because they last forever and are reusable and non-toxic. Some ideas for starters include silicone muffin cups and silicone baking sheets which cut out paper cups and foil waste.
  4. Reusable coffee filter: If you’re still using paper filters – why? There are way better options on the market. Reusable coffee filters last for years, save you money, and cut out waste.
  5. Stack o’ cleaning cloths: Using paper towels comes at a huge eco-cost when you could use reusable cloths instead. Cloths last for years and don’t fill your trash bin.
  6. A dishwasher: One major recent study (among others) shows that dishwashers use less energy, water, and soap than hand washing.
  7. Organics: You don’t need to hard core pack your shelves with organics. That’s excessive and a waste of money. That said, there are some foods you should always buy organic including the newest dirty dozen.
  8. Tap water or a filter: If your goal is green, forget buying bottled water. Drink tap water or filtered.
  9. A dedicated home recycling area: All homes need an organized recycling center, and the kitchen is the perfect place to create one. It’s handy and handy means you’ll recycle like you should.
  10. Your BIG green kitchen step – purchase green and safe dishes: This is bigger, because you may need to sort out the toxic from the non-toxic dishes you already have, and then set aside a budget to purchase more sustainable options. However, bear in mind, that change can occur slowly. Switching out your dishes doesn’t need to happen in one swift weekend.

Photo: Flickr – youngster


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