Conversations on peace education

Posted: April 21, 2009 in society
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peaceTwo Global MindShift volunteers, Carolyn Mycue and Larry Adamson, have each created a conversation on a subject they care deeply about, and think you may too.

I’m Awake…Now What? Consciousness Practice in Everyday Life

is an opportunity to explore our different experiences of putting the tools for enlightenment to daily use. Says Carolyn: “Sharing what we’ve learned about cultivating an environment that’s ripe for Life’s purpose to unfold is a great way to serve life and at the same time deepen our own practice.”

Peace Education in K-12 Public Education

is an exploration into what type of education promotes the things that really matter: learning to truly listen and respecting differences. Says Larry: “The information and opinions developed in this conversation will be used as part of a teacher education class being taught this summer.”

About Global MindShift conversations…

Global MindShift offers a safe, small-group (8-12 people) environment for respectful and thoughtful conversation. Every conversation is a week or more in length, and is “asynchronous”: rather than being online at the same time, each participant goes online at whatever time is most convenient for them.

Because space is typically limited, the conversation you want may be full. If so, send us an email at and we’ll put you on a waiting list should it be offered again.



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