The Best Ways to Discover Music Through Twitter

Posted: April 27, 2009 in science & technology
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Wired’s Epicenter has a great post on finding and sharing music through Twitter. I’m slowly discovering Twitter and the more I delve into it the more amazed I am about what it can provide. For example, so far I have been deceived by the service’s growing fame as a text platform, but reading the Epicenter post I have realised that a huge amount of music gets posted to Twitter every single day, which makes it a fantastic resource for finding music, downloading and sharing it and, of course, set up feeds from people you decide to follow because they share your musical taste and deliver suggestions for new tunes right onto your screen.

The trick though is knowing how to find them as well as the music you’re after or want to discover, and this what the Epicenter post is all about. It talks about how Twitter can become your own personal passive music discovery engine – by looking at a few good services that let you search the network for new music without using the Twitter search box (there are also Twitter tools for broadcasting rather than searching for music; I still have to discover them 😉 ).

The post looks at (a playable list of the latest tracks to be posted to Twitter through, FoxyTunes, Grooveshark, Hype Machine, imeem,, itself and and (where you enter an artist or album into the search box, and — bingo — displays relevant tweets in seconds), but you can of course also use the good old Twitter search box with a command like “Yeah Yeah Yeahs ♫ OR #musicmonday OR blipfm OR hypem OR imeem OR OR tweetj OR OR twiturm OR”. Read the Epicenter post to find out what it all means and more!

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