Fight Gunn’s Pulp Mill

Posted: April 28, 2009 in environment
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That’s how The Age announced news we’ve been dreading to hear: Gunns is close to finding offshore investors for its controversial pulp mill in Tasmania and may begin construction soon.

Gunns just won’t give up on this destructive mill, but so far together we have foiled their every attempt. We’ve fought too hard to give up now.

Without international finance, or an overseas joint venture partner, the pulp mill will be history. That’s why we need to pull out all stops and publish a massive newspaper ad this week in the European Financial Times: the paper we know hits every bank in Europe. This ad needs your urgent help:

Last year when we showed Gunns’ long-time banker ANZ the weight of opposition against the mill, they pulled out.

In the spirit of fairness we sent an advance copy of this ad to all banks considering financing the mill to give them a chance to declare otherwise. Within days, three of the four main contenders have told us they will not finance the mill.

We know this ad works.

But to stop the remaining contenders we need to show the weight of public opinion against this project. Click here to chip in:

Thanks to your efforts, no Australian bank will touch this project. This ad, hitting the desks of every financier currently contemplating giving the green light to a project we thought long-dead, will send shockwaves around the European finance community.

Thanks for being a part of the solution,
The GetUp Team

PS – Imagine the boardroom meeting: “Thousands of people chipped in to fund an ad to stop us financing this project… Are we sure we want to be involved? Let’s take another look at our figures…”

Chip in to pulp the mill once and for all.

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