Baked organic blue potatoes with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Posted: May 3, 2009 in society
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blue-potatoesFirst time I’ve actually seen an All-Blue potato. I had some purple potato chips before  but so far had never come across a fresh, raw blue potato, leave alone an organic one. And working with it is quite an experience for the senses. It has a deep-blue smooth skin with shallow eyes and an almost purple, consistently coloured flesh that shows striking pattern once cut open.

I baked it and ended up with wonderfully flavoured slices that still had retained a soft moisture and certainly preserved their coulour. I served it with a light style mayonnaise that was flavoured with Wasabi.

Blue and purple potatoes apparently are widely spread throughout South America but  are only now making their entrance into the traditional Western potato hemisphere; we so often are too slow to catch on to delicious foods, simply because we don’t want to integrate them into the world of our imagination. But I certainly was glad to see the All-Blue yesterday at a market stall and I couldn’t wait to get home to use them. And like all potatoes, the All-Blue variety is healthy: it is a low fat source of vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein, potassium, iron, niacin and magnesium. Additionally, the skin provides calcium, zinc, and phosphorus, and it’s been said that a person can live on potatoes and milk.

I could imagine the All-Blue makes very interesting potato chips (french fries), mashed potatoes, and adds colour to a red, white, yellow and blue potato salad. Apparently, like the Purple potato, the Blue ones hold their shape after cooking and therefore are perfect for a potato salad as well as for pan-fried potatoes.

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