European Parliament bans trade of seal products within EU

Posted: May 7, 2009 in environment, society
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The European Parliament has just announced a ban on the trade of seal products within the European Union. This may be the most significant victory in IFAW‘s 40 year campaign to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

From Mexico City to Madrid to Moscow, tens of thousands of letters, postcards, and e-mails poured in – making a clear statement that the world is against this brutal hunt. The European Parliament listened, and now the end of the commercial seal hunt may be inevitable. Already, prices for seal pelts have dropped to half of what they were last year. And with this ban, 7 out of Canada’s top 10 export markets are now closed for business.

“This is a fantastic win, but we can’t rest now” says the IFAW in a statement. “We must make a final push to end this hunt once and for all!

The organisation is shifting all its focus back to where it started this fight four decades ago: For the first time in history, a Canadian senator has proposed a bill to ban the hunt – and what is needed now is to gather as much support for Senator Harb’s bill as possible.

If you already contacted your Canadian embassy, thank you!

If you haven’t yet had a chance, please contact your Canadian embassy today, and demand that they support Senator Harb’s bill to ban the seal hunt.

You can make history – by helping make the seal hunt history. Let’s put an end to this cruel hunt once and for all.

Inspirational video of Canadian Senator Mac Harb, on the ice during the hunt and delivering 200,000 petitions to the Canadian Parliament.

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