Always wondered what’s directly below you, on the other side of the globe?

Posted: May 8, 2009 in how-to, humour
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It’s a bit trivial but I couldn’t help wanting to find out 😉 , especially since Australia was and still is classified as the Antipodes by Eurocentrics. Well, Sydney certainly is. If I would be able to make the rather fiery journey through the centre of the Earth, I’d come out rather drenched of the Moroccan coast, 1/3 of the way the the US. There actually is no point on the Australian mainland that would be able to escape the Atlantic Ocean on the other side; so much for the European antipodean idea. And given that 2/3 of the planet’s surface consists of water, there isn’t much land on the other side from almost anywhere, except if you live in South America. There’s some trivia … 😉

To check out which spot is diametrically opposed to any location you are interested in go to

[Via Lifehacker]


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