Sherpa: Adopt a village

Posted: May 10, 2009 in science & technology

This little clip shows a great example for what small aid projects can achieve. Forget that it’s a promotional video for Sherpa Performance Guides and its non-profit branch. After all, the for-profit branch of the company seems to give 5% of its revenues and 5% of its time to its non-profit part, which undertakes humanitarian projects for the kids and families of the Sherpa homeland in Nepal. Their NGO partner on the group, The Mountain Fund, makes it all possible.

This year the non-profit part of Sherpa is working on a new project in Nepal (as well wrapping up last years Injured Porter Rehabilitation Project). This project will be much bigger in scope then last year or any year in the past: Sherpa and the Mountain Fund are looking at either building a medical clinic or a school. I believe that back in March, Scott MacLennan, the founder of The Mountain Fund went to Nepal to determine the scope, budget, and time line of each of the projects; in February it was estimated that the project would probably cost between US$10,000 and US$20,000.

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