New Google search options

Posted: May 19, 2009 in science & technology
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Goggle Search OptionsThey’re almost an old hat now, but I just started playing with them and they’re indeed quite neat – which is why I thought about mentioning them.

Google has recently introduced so called Search Options to their search engine which are hidden by default on any search page but can be activated with one click. The Show Options link is placed directly beneath the search form on search result pages (top left corner) and will open a small sidebar menu with several choices that change the output on the search results page itself.

Some of the options are the same like those offered in the advanced search parameters but even in these cases the advantage is a more user-friendly friendly access via a sidebar list. Other choice though are new, like the Wonder Wheel. I like the easy access to videos, the choice to play more texts and the option to display site images.

All in all a good evolution of Google search. Pity those choices don’t work in KwiClick (yet).

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