OpenID: link your Gmail and Facebook accounts

Posted: May 19, 2009 in science & technology


Since Facebook had joined OpenID Board in February, all that had to happen was that it had to allow using an OpenID login such as the one you use for Gmail – something that finally happened today. If you wan to use the same logon details for Google and Facebook now, all you need to do is to link both accounts. How?

Go to Facebook Settings > Account Settings > Linked Accounts. Click on ‘Change‘, choose Google (or an OpenID URL)) from the drop-down list and click the ‘Link New Account‘ button. (Using Firefox) a Google account window opens (see above) asking you to allow the link. Click Allow.

From now on you’ll be automatically logged in to Facebook in future if you already have Gmail open or have logged in to your OpenID account.

As a side note: why does Facebook want your Goggle contact details? Other sites that allow linking, like Zoho, don’t ask for this data! So, if you don’t like sharing your Gmail address book with Facebook, you might not want to create the link.

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  1. Job ayiera says:

    Welcome ma facebook

  2. dennis.makununika says:

    its good

  3. dennis.makununika says:

    hie u all

  4. Arjean says:

    so is this mean.. that whatever you post in your gmail, it will be posted also in your facebook? coz this is what i wanna do.. just like twitter and facebook.

  5. Surendra says:


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