Racism in America: the segregated prom

Posted: May 25, 2009 in society
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white prom

It is no surprise that America still has strong racist elements, but even I was surprised that the country’s racism can still take the form of segregation. Students from Montgomery County High in Mount Vernon, Ga. visit a mixed race school but when it comes to prom day, they experience segregation. This year, the white students’ prom was held on May 1 at a nearby community centre; the black students had theirs the following night at the same place.

Visit “Voices from a Divided Prom” at the New York Times Magazine website.

black prom

[Images: Gillian Laub]

  1. hall monitor says:

    Check out http://detentionslip.org for an AWESOME video trying to end segregated proms!

  2. Rita from CA says:

    I think it is so sad that segreation is still going on in 2009 in certain areas. How can you possibly have a integreated school but segregated prom, doesn’t make much sense. People need to fix this, its just stupid and racist and it teaches our children to be racist. It is time to move past stupidity.

  3. Katrina from indy says:

    I feel it is just not only wrong but embarrassing to see something like this going on still….racism is something that should be long gone but in reality it is still around. Hopefully that is the last year that segregated proms will be a policy…its down right dumb

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