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Posted: May 27, 2009 in science & technology
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I’ve been using two finger typing for years now, and while I’ve become quite proficient at it, I have been thinking now and then about learning touch typing – especially in situations where I either produce a row of typos or nothing at all appeared on my screen despite me having entered 10 words – just because my gaze was fixed on my keyboard all the time 😉 . But imagining the boring repetitiveness of typing meaninglessness, adding up to the equivalent of a book’s content while learning to touch type, has always held me back so far.

But I finally took a tentative step towards liberation – by trying TypingWeb’s Online Typing Tutor. TypingWeb is a Web 2 application, running from your web browser. The site claims to offer “plenty of versatile lessons, each meant to focus on specific problem areas such as speed, accuracy, key-rows, and trouble-keys, work your typing strengths and weaknesses. Numeric Keypad (Ten Key) & Dvorak Keyboard lessons are also included for premium members”.

As for my vision of boredom, they promise to keep me motivated by making “lessons fun and entertaining” (through offering “‘headline news’ as exercises, interactive typing games, and motivational information between groups of lessons”) – I believe it when I see it.

If you sign up (for free) TypingWeb will “keep track and chart all of your statistics based on traditional typing speed and accuracy formulas”, information that can be viewed as progress tracking graphs. Based on your stored data they also offer “custom help”, which seems to mean custom lessons.

The on-screen keyboard looks user-friendly, showing for example which finger on which hand to use next and highlighting the keys to be touched. Different keyboard skins are also on offer for those interested in eye candy.

To find out more about specialty lessons, interactive typing games,  speed tests, international keyboard layouts, a typing certificate of completion and even a hall of fame for the highly competitive, go to TypingWeb’s website.

A Premium Membership is available to remove ads, unlock premium lessons, and receive priority email customer support.

I think it’s worth giving it a go 🙂 .

[Via gHacks]

  1. Sildenafil says:

    People, this thing really works, and pretty well, by the way. I used it because I had an interview as a typing agent, I practiced about a week and now I’m pretty at it. Great thing!

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