Palm Pre UI features leaked on YouTube

Posted: May 27, 2009 in science & technology
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PRE I haven’t looked at all video leaks and certainly haven’t made any detailed comparisons with the iPhone yet, but overall I’d say the Palm Pre might shape up a more than serious contender to Apple’s success icon. I certainly hope so coz I might be looking for a replacement once my contract is up.

The extract below from Download Squad mentions the Invisible Man as the leaker, and his feature testing leaves a lot to be desired – it would have helped if he had familiarised himself with the Pre emulator before making the videos. The mix of the guy himself exploring the Pre features while filming, the fact that they were running in an emulator and that it’s not clear how far removed their development stage is from the final release makes it a bit difficult to judge them. My feeling is that in some respect the iPhone UI might be more user-friendly in regards to certain features (eg entering calendar appointments), while in other cases (eg web browser) the Pre might have the edge. For a closer look though check out the Download Squad links below:

Over the last few days, a member of the PalmPreForum going by the name of “invisible man” has posted more than 20 videos showing everything from the WebOS web browser to the built in PDF viewer. You can also get an overview of the contacts, calendar, search, and phone applications as well as a first look at applications like YouTube, Google Maps. There’s even a video dedicated to the copy & paste feature.

You can check out a few videos after the break or check out more videos at the PalmPreForum YouTube channel.

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