Tattooed table: Yakuza

Posted: May 31, 2009 in creativity


yakuza pattern

A different take on tattoos: Yakuza is a digitally tattooed wooden table. In its design, the table is treated as a living body, receiving its character from a unique tattoo printed on its surface. The wood texture acts as skin, becoming a platform for expressing cultural and personal identity – which should be made easier given that the digital printing technology supposedly doesn’t make it very difficult to apply tattoos and therefore would allow to treat each table in a unique and very individual way. And I guess the fact that the table is made from veneered MDF will help too.

Distributor: Generate Design; price available on request.

  1. Sildenafil says:

    wow, that is something totally out of the box. I never saw anything like that. Besides, the design is really good. I love coy fishes and I’d love to get one of those on my shoulder. By the way, how much is that table?

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