Religious insanity – Christian video’s call to action to save Western civilisation from Muslim takeover

Posted: June 1, 2009 in reflections, society
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The West’s Racist attacks on Islam are part of the daily news feeds – from the Iraq war to backing Israel’s ethnic cleansing strategies against Palestinians, casting the wide net of labelling the innocent ‘terrorists’, refusing permission to build Islamic schools in Western cities, or providing a matrix for violent attacks on Western citizens following Islam.  So, in a way, a Christian video stoking fears of Muslims by proclaiming the death of Western culture to take place in a few decades by non-Muslims in Western countries (speak ‘white Christians’) being outbred, is not really a surprise.

But, I can’t help feeling shocked by the flagrant and insolent audacity leading to the whipping up of sentiments of desperation triggered by survival fears, the fomenting of racial dissent and conflict, and the fanning of the flames of strife, hatred and in the end probably murder. After all: the video’s authors claim that it is too late for many Western countries to recover from declining birth rates in their indigenous populations; ethnic cleansing therefore seems to be the next strategic step the authors must have in mind.

So, what does that mean? More crusades of modern warfare? Detention camps for Muslims? Discrimination along racial lines? Taking away citizenships? Mass conversions of Muslims to Christianity? Pledges to denounce Islamic culture? Or creating a climate of racial domestic armed conflicts? Is this what we need?

Hasn’t the West’s century-old self-declared superiority and supremacy already created enough racial and religious hatred? And do we really still need religion to define our cultural content and boundaries? Can’t we instead rely on more universal, secular and humanistic concepts such as equality, freedom of expression, celebration of difference, tolerance, mutual respect and a focus on what unites rather than divides us?

I think this video once again shows how dangerous religious fundamentalism can be, and how wary we in the West need to be of our own ‘terrorists’ – rather than getting totally distracted by the external ones. The last thing we need in today’s world (that already is tested by wars, violence and climate change) is a call to action against Muslims out-populating Christians. That is just an insane distraction from what our survival really requires: actions that promote peace and give rise to solidarity and a creative intelligence which allows us to deal with the biggest challenge we are facing: a dramatically changing planet.

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