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tiller murder poll

From WorldNetDaily’s unscientific internet poll, headlined, “A VIEW TO A KILL: What’s your reaction to the murder of abortionist George Tiller?”

This post was written and published on the Atheist Revolution blog in March 2009, 2 1/2 months before the appaling murder of Dr. Tiller a couple of days ago. I’ve got noyhing to add – the article says it all.

atheismI was motivated, at least in part, to start Atheist Revolution because I was becoming increasingly frustrated to see politicians and media in the U.S. obsess over Islamic extremism in the Middle East while ignoring Christian extremism at home. In the couple of years since I have been blogging, little has changed. There is still a tendency in the U.S. to see religious extremism as problematic only as long as one’s own religion is exempt from similar examination. Yes, there have been some encouraging signs that people are beginning to wake up, but our work continues.

There is little doubt that Islamic extremism currently poses a serious threat in the world today. Driven by the desire to see a Muslim caliphate and immunized against reason by an ancient religion that offers certainty and opposes critical analysis, Muslim extremists deserve the fearful attention they are receiving around the world.

At the same time, the problem must be recognized as being one of religious extremism which is not necessarily limited to Islam. Right here in the U.S., for example, we endured 8 years under a regime, headed by a Christian extremist, which committed countless human rights abuses, including but not limited to torture. Our civil liberties were rolled back as we were shamelessly manipulated by fear and lies. Science and medicine were damaged, as was our international standing. Our economy continues to reel as the costs of trickle-down economics and lax regulation is felt by a large enough portion of the population that it can no longer escape notice.

Would these abuses have occurred without the influence of Christian extremism? We do not know. What we do know is that they were committed by someone who claimed to receive his marching orders from the Christian god.

The subject of Christian terrorism is not one we hear much about. We know that acts of Christian terrorism occur, but we tend to see them as fairly isolated acts perpetrated by especially deranged individuals and regard them as far less dangerous than their more highly organized, militaristic, and highly funded Islamic counterparts.

To be sure, the lone Christian terrorist deserves our attention. However, there is a different sort of Christian terrorism that is far better organized, far more militaristic, and better funded than even the Islamic versions which we so love to despise. When acts of international terrorism are paid for by U.S. taxpayers, supported by U.S. politicians, and justified by Christian leaders within and without our government, it is difficult not to regard them as acts of Christian terrorism.

Consider the following contenders for the label of Christian terrorism:

It is not necessary to claim that religion causes terrorism; it is enough to see how much more dangerous religious motivation makes potential terrorists. Christian terrorism should not be ignored.


While I am used to it, I’m nevertheless always surprised how Christians, whose fervour should lead them to offer their other cheek rather than seeking out another’s eye or tooth, leave alone a person’s life, can actually justify their hatred, spite and lust to murder. And since they’re not the only ones, the killing of Tiller and the praising comments below just show up once again the bigotry, hypocrisy and hollowness of religions.

The comments below were taken from Carnal Nation.

A small sample of the hatred expressed on Twitter after the assassination of Dr Tiller:

  • Crap, I always forgot hashtags. I’m happy Tiller’s dead. – Jennifer Waite, Selah, Washington
  • UPDATE… Doctor George Tiller was aborted today in his 204th trimester – aren’t paybacks a bitch – Punch
  • oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD! – Samantha Pelch
  • George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won’t be caught. – readnwatchchris, Creedmor. NC
  • was George Tiller the baby killers brain scrambled the way he scrambled full term fetuses.. one can only hope – Brad S
  • Infamous baby killer George Tiller gunned down at (irony) church. Why do I not feel sorry for him? Have fun at Judgment Day. – James Fiddler
  • tiller the baby killer shot dead…wow. is it insensitive of me to say what goes around comes around? – Brad M. Negulescu Cleveland.
  • George Tiller the Baby Killer shot dead. May he rot in Hell. – Amy Strong
  • Tiller Baby Killer was shot and killed this morning Justice has been served. – Shirl Ledeux
  • Thinking about “Tiller the baby killer” He now knows the wages of sin is death. – Dianne McDowell
  • May Tiller rot in Hell , infanticide is the murder of babies, he WAS a provider of death like Hitler, Bundy the list goes on…. – Dennis, A People Voip Company
  • Burn in hell George Tiller – mikedanben Sparta, NJ (41.005501,-74.672)
  • No need to pray for George Tiller. We know he went straight to hell!!!!! – Laurie D. Bailey Olive Branch, MS
  • Good ridence to Tiller – babies will not be murdered because he is now gone. Wonder how he likes hell! – Jay Emess, Southern, NJ
  • Karma is a beautiful thing. Cheers to the hero who sent George Tiller where he belongs… straight to hell. – Matthew Kamar
  • omg!george tiller abortion dr. was killed n his church parkn lot! hell yea! – Sarah Gulick, Wtichita, Ks
  • George Tiller: Burning in Hell for the last three hours. – darthdilbert Kettering, Oh
  • Hmm, I know it’s wrong, but I feel like the Late-Term Abortion Doctor George Tiller, got what was he deserved….. – Mary Keogh London England
  • Boom Boom Boom. George Tiller was served a very very late term abortion this morning. – Chad Coleman, coeur d’alene, Id

A few more added 6:54 PM Pacific Time

  • Guy shoots a Dr. to death in Church. Me I’m willing to bet that Jesus was his co-pilot. – jeremyawhitman
  • Tiller the Killer goes to Church and ends up in Hell – mshellisright, Tulsa
  • Tiller the Baby Killer is finally dead….God took care of what needed to be done…. – Cynthia Wrench
  • The left-wing nutjobs don’t understand that Tiller the baby killer was not human. No human kills babies, only monsters. Good riddance – Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA
  • I guess Obama the Messiah can’t resurrect Tiller the baby killer. –  Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA
  • The person who shot Tiller the baby killer simply excercised a man’s right to choose. – Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA
  • the killing of tiller the baby killer was JUSTICE, not murder. – eqbt
  • Glad someone offed Tiller. Baby Killer. – Kat, Kansas

A number of these posts are tagged #tcot (top conservatives on twitter), this is apparently some new meaning of top that we’re not familiar with.

The Twitter search “George Tiller” OR #Tiller was running at about one tweet per second for the last two hours.  The overwhelming majority of tweets from both sides of the abortion issue expressed horror at the assassination of Dr Tiller.

If you are as outraged as we are by this senseless assassination, please donate to Planned Parenthood or Medical Students for Choice in honor of Dr Tiller.


Not that it takes much to be politically more progressive than Obama, but Cheney has done it – seemingly out of nowhere. While the conservative centrist Obama tried to hedge his bets by declaring a commitment to civil union while making marriage the sacrosanct realm of man & woman, Cheney supports gay marriage.

It’s not that much of a surprise though: one of his daughters is a dyke, and he’s been making supportive noises at least since the run-up to the 2004 election, according to the Huffington Post. He’s also curtailing his support by saying that the states should remain responsible for deciding the issue of same-sex-marriage and – he’s not a lone voice in the GOP universe; apparently Republicans are split on where to place their bets in the controversy (they’ve probably got a decent amount of gays in their ranks). Finally: clamouring for or supporting the institute of marriage is not exactly a qualifier to be certified as ‘progressive’.

Nevertheless, given that equal rights are the matter of contention, it’s a bit of a jolt to political apathy that the fascist rightwinger Cheney declares his support for gay marriage. But then: some of Hitler’s cronies were gay.

See also Huffington Post

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Osel Hita TorresAs a toddler, he was put on a throne and worshipped as by monks who treated him like a god. But the boy chosen by the Dalai Lama as a reincarnation of a spiritual leader has caused consternation – and some embarrassment – for Tibetan Buddhists by turning his back on the order that had such high hopes for him.

Instead of leading a monastic life, Osel Hita Torres now sports baggy trousers and long hair, and is more likely to quote Jimi Hendrix than Buddha.

Yesterday he bemoaned the misery of a youth deprived of television, football and girls. Movies were also forbidden – except for a sanctioned screening of The Golden Child starring Eddie Murphy, about a kidnapped child lama with magical powers. “I never felt like that boy,” he said.

He is now studying film in Madrid and has denounced the Buddhist order that elevated him to guru status. “They took me away from my family and stuck me in a medieval situation in which I suffered a great deal,” said Torres, 24, describing how he was whisked from obscurity in Granada to a monastery in southern India. “It was like living a lie,” he told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Despite his rebelliousness, he is still known as Lama Tenzin Osel Rinpoche and revered by the Buddhist community. A prayer for his “long life” still adorns the website of the Foundation to Preserve the Mahayana Tradition, which has 130 centres around the world. The website features a biography of the renegade guru that gushes about his peaceful, meditative countenance as a baby. In Tibetan Buddhism, a lama is one of a lineage of reincarnated spiritual leaders, the most famous of which is the Dalai Lama.

According to the foundation biography, another leader suspected Torres was the reincarnation of the recently deceased Lama Yeshe when he was only five months old. In 1986, at 14 months, his parents took him to see the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. The toddler was chosen out of nine other candidates and eventually “enthroned”.

At six, he was allowed to socialise only with other reincarnated souls – though for a time he said he lived next to the actor Richard Gere’s cabin.

By 18, he had never seen couples kiss. His first disco experience was a shock. “I was amazed to watch everyone dance. What were all those people doing, bouncing, stuck to one another, enclosed in a box full of smoke?”

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By Stephen Lendman
Global Research

Wall Street’s mantra is that markets move randomly and reflect the collective wisdom of investors. The truth is quite opposite. The government’s visible hand and insiders control markets and manipulate them up or down for profit – all of them, including stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.

It’s financial fraud or what former high-level Wall Street insider and former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts calls “pump and dump,” defined as “artificially inflating the price of a stock or other security through promotion, in order to sell at the inflated price,” then profit more on the downside by short-selling. “This practice is illegal under securities law, yet it is particularly common,” and in today’s volatile markets likely ongoing daily.

Why? Because the profits are enormous, in good and bad times, and when carried to extremes like now, Fitts calls it “pump(ing) and dump(ing) of the entire American economy,” duping the public, fleecing trillions from them, and it’s more than just “a process designed to wipe out the middle class. This is genocide (by other means) – a much more subtle and lethal version than ever before perpetrated by the scoundrels of our history texts.”

Fitts explains that much more than market manipulation goes on. She describes a “financial coup d’etat, including fraudulent housing (and other bubbles), pump and dump schemes, naked short selling, precious metals price suppression, and active intervention in the markets by the government and central bank” along with insiders. It’s a government-business partnership for enormous profits through “legislation, contracts, regulation (or lack of it), financing, (and) subsidies.” More still overall by rigging the game for the powerful, while at the same time harming the public so cleverly that few understand what’s happening.



… and some times both are very dangerous indeed. I could think of the Spanish inquisition, but also in our times of the murders of Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes by British police or many other forms of terrorism sponsored by ‘the authorities’ – be they church or state or both.

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