Food synergies: Powerful food combinations

Posted: June 5, 2009 in science & technology, society
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food combosOur ancestors weren’t always right, like when it comes to the observance of human rights or the role religion played in daily life (not that we have that much advanced though in both areas), but when look look at ways of growing and eating food for example, they certainly were light years ahead of us. One of the things they intuitively knew well was how to best combine foods to get the maximum nutritional value out of it.

Their ideas developed over millennia and therefore had a chance to get thoroughly tested by hundreds of generations. Now slowly our scientists seem to catch on the wisdom of old, and we begin to understand a bit more why it makes sense to drizzle olive oil over your salad, why people often cook meat with Rosemary or pickle it with Juniper berries, or while pulses complement grains in a vegetarian diet. Mind you, some of these insight have been around for decades in alternative health circles – science is often a bit slow to get into the starting blocks.

The table above gives examples for some food combinations; it was taken from Men’s, which also has some other interesting links:


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