Search simultaneously in Google and Bing

Posted: June 6, 2009 in science & technology
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… not that I really wanted to – because Bing is Micro$oft ;). Nevertheless, after reading in gHacks about the BingAndGoogle mashup which allows to search in both engines simultaneously, I thought I give it a go. BingAndGoogle works well: in Chrome the search results of both engines came back in lightning speed and are presented in a double column, with the Bing And Google search field staying above both engine results while each engines’ search form is being maintained within the results columns (allowing for exclusive search with either engine). Both columns also retain the full functionality and layout that both Google and Bing offer in their stand-alone versions.

While I of course searched for something really serious (‘global warming’) ;), gHacks looked for something droll: ‘web browser’. The absence of one result on the first Bing results page is particularly interesting considering Bing is a Micro$oft product:

The search for web browser that is shown in the image above shows that both search engines list Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome (Google Browser), Safari and Flock on the main page. Google links to the Maxthon web browser additionally while Microsoft to the defunct Netscape browser. Funny though that both are not linking to Internet Explorer on their first results page.

For me, searching for web browser makes me wonder whether Google indeed is the superior engine. As mentioned in the gHacks quote above, Google offers a link to almost all well-known browsers on its first results page plus Maxthon, while Bing’s first nine search results include four commercial ones – in addition to sponsored sites – (2 for the same web design company, 1 offering a browser spell checker and 1 to the Australian consumer organisation Choice), 2 links to Google Chrome, 1 link to a Wikipedia article on web browsers, 1 link to MSN Web Messenger and 1 link to Apple’s Safari. In other words, 45% commercial links and just 22% of what I’d be really interested in: web browsers. If this outcome represents a general pattern, I won’t be using BingAndGoogle too often 😉 – which of course is not that mashup’s fault.


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