Israeli Terrorism and the Talmud

Posted: June 8, 2009 in civilisation?, society
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Quite a shocking video. It demonstrates the insanity sometimes embedded in religious books and the deadly effects it can have when believers deal with so-called non-believers. And while at first sight it seems hard to believe that there actually are Jews who would follow such inhumane and barbaric teachings, the small scene of  of orthodox settlers confronting non-believers clearly demonstrates that the Talmud still creates reality.

And let’s not forget: Israel as a state has its origins in the Zionist movement which, like today, was violent, racist and embarked on ethnic cleansing. Like today it stole the land of Palestinians, like today it committed massacres, and like today it justified its actions with the belief in retaking the land that was promised to Jews by their god. The video is on the right track.


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