Great cleanup utilities

Posted: June 10, 2009 in science & technology


Download Squad offers links and brief descriptions of what looks like 6 useful and free cleanup utilities. Of course, CCleaner is included, but also Bleachbit, which works well on Linux (for Windows it’s currently available only as a testing preview version). It does have a footprint that is larger than usual for cleanup apps, but it also supports a much larger list of programs than most of the other apps of its kind. Apart from all major browsers, it also tidies up after Google Earth, Flash, Java, Second Life Viewer, Skype, Vuze, and more. Found 63.7Mb of crap files on my recently-cleaned drive.

Anotherapplication I tried is Glary Utilities. It packs a whole lot more functionality into one package than the others, but it’s still under a 5Mb download. In addition to scanning for files, registry issue, and broken shortcuts, Glary can also check for malware, optimize memory, edit your context menu, shred and encrypt files, and analyze drive usage. Lee Mathews reckons it’s a must have, and I agree. It is totally free for personal use (and well worth paying for at the office).

For information on all of the applications go to Download Squad.


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