American Christians fund illegal Jewish settlers

Posted: June 17, 2009 in society
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… and therefore support illegal land grabs, racism, oppression, murder and ethnic cleansing. And all in the name of their god and his supposed son, who in theory loved all people. If Christians actually would live up to their beliefs, they would support the Palestinians – just as Jesus is said to have taken sides with the aggrieved and persecuted. Blinded though by their own corrupted beliefs though, they sponsor the Jews who in turn are blighted with the same fanaticism, hubris and megalomania that the Nazis displayed when they persecuted the Jews. Religions are as dangerous as their surrogates.

Southern California Public Radio reports on the Christian money flows into the occupied Palestinian territories.

illegal jewish settlement

President Obama has called on Israel to stop expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank. But U.S. evangelical Christian groups continue to raise millions of dollars for the communities, which many others see as an obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

As President Obama calls on Israel to stop expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank, support for the settlers remains strong among evangelical Christian groups across America. They are raising millions of dollars for the settlements, which critics view as a major obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

On a recent afternoon in a Jewish settlement in the heart of the West Bank city of Hebron, a group of visiting American Christians peruses a display case of olive wood crosses amid the blaring music of Jewish Bible verses set to song. Several of the visitors wear pins of interlocking Israeli and American flags. It’s a sign, they say, of their commitment to the Jewish state.

Christian support — through tourism and donations — brings in millions of dollars, leading anti-occupation groups to accuse the U.S. of sending mixed signals. While successive U.S. administrations have called Jewish settlements a stumbling block to peace, the American government allows U.S. citizens to directly fund them.

David Wilder, a spokesman for the Jewish settlers in Hebron, says the support is important.

“There are many people who are not Jewish, who very much love the state of Israel, they love the land of Israel, they understand the necessity for the Jews to be here, and they express that love in different ways. One of those is financially,” he says.

Grass-Roots Support Among U.S. Christians

Much of the support comes from fundamentalist Christians, who believe in biblical prophecies that Jews will inherit the land of Israel. Ardent followers also embrace literal interpretations of the Bible that a thriving state of Israel is a prerequisite for an apocalyptic end-time and the return of Jesus to earth. Often led by the charismatic leaders of megachurches, these grass-roots groups across the U.S. raise millions of dollars each year.

An estimated 250,000 Jewish settlers are living on territory captured by Israel in 1967. They claim they have a right to be on the land, while Palestinians consider the West Bank part of a future Palestinian state.

Sondra Oster Baras is the director of Israel’s branch of the Christian Friends of Israeli Communities — a liaison office for donors wanting to give to the settlements. At her office in the Karnei Shomron settlement, she sits amid posters and pamphlets that call for Jews to settle Judea and Samaria, the biblical name for the West Bank.

She estimates that more than half of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank receive direct or indirect funding from Christian communities.

Baras says donors can choose among several programs, including one called “adopt a settler,” in which money goes toward the daily needs of the settlers: helping build new schools, health facilities and synagogues.

“Our major donors are themselves organizations or ministries or churches. They themselves have raised those monies in small amounts — $5, $20 from a line of people — and put it together, so it’s very much grass-roots,” she says.

The Palestinian Perspective

Palestinians in Hebron say that they are outraged by the support these American groups give.

Because 650 Jewish settlers live in the heart of Hebron, Israel has erected checkpoints and closed off roads to the thousands of Palestinians in the city.

Huda Abar Khud has watched Christians pass by her Hebron neighborhood as they make their way to the Jewish settlers.

“If they knew the impact and how it affects people’s lives here, innocent people’s lives here, I think they might change the way they support these settlements,” she says.

Settler: Jewish Communities Will Remain

For their part, settler organizations are now worried that the money could begin to dry up.

Wilder says he fears Obama’s strong stance against the settlement movement will affect fundraising.

“I know that there are many people that I know, friends that I have who are not Jewish, are very, very, very concerned about Obama’s policies, and we’re all in the same boat. People are very concerned about it,” he says.

Wilder says the Obama administration knows what is happening and could make it more difficult for Christians to directly fund Jewish settlements.

“Today, there are no secrets,” he says. “In the United States, the people in the administrations there know who is helping whom, and how much money is coming over, and what kind of support is being given here and there and everywhere else. The question is, what is the counter to that?”

But no one in the settlements has begun pinching pennies yet. And no matter what happens, Wilder says, the settlements will remain — and he hopes so will Christian support of them.

“Administrations come and administrations go, and the evangelists stay. There have been presidents that have come and gone, and prime ministers that have come and gone, and Hebron is still here. And Hebron is going to stay here,” Wilder says.

Image: The Age

  1. bruce says:

    Looks like Barack Obama has figured out that one of the main obstacles to mideast peace are the illegal Jewish settlements.The West Bank and Gaza Ghetto are Occupied Territories according to international law,The Geneva Convention,countless UN resolutions Israel has continuously ignored.
    It is important to note that these Illegal settlements are exclusively Jewish,built on stolen private land,and are connected by roads that are also exclusive.The IDF supports the whole ROTTEN system and is let loose on the Non Jewish captive Palestinian populace corralled in Israel designed walled reservations.The Aim is to make the lives of these Non Jews so insufferable as to drive them off their lands and bring in Jewish Israelis.
    Now if you build an Apartheid society not too many would argue it’s not wrong,but the Israeli model is Funded buy things like tax free Israel Bonds and other slippery financial instruments with origins MOSTLY in these United States.
    Furthermore,Israel receives over $10 million a day in US DOLLARS that we know of.Unique in the annals of US foreign aid:US “CASH” is deposited in the Israeli treasury at the beginning of each year,and the US taxpayer pays the interest on that Borrowed money.Israel invests in turn that New money and collects interest.How sweet ‘Tis.
    According to the Christian Science Monitor,the cost of Israel to the American TAXpayer has been over $1.3 TRILLION since 1973

  2. P.EPHRAIM says:

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    Even to them that believe on his name.” John 1:12

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  3. Iam a Dalit Christian from India. I can’t understand one thing. This article exposes how the Arab idiots are influencing even the Americans. While the Judeo-Christians are fighting for justice and freedom, these Arab morons are blasting the Holy Land with suicide bombs. Are you supporting such Arab Terrorism ? Arabs have no place in Israel. The Arabs and their sympathisers, even in the US cannot stop us from returning to our land. If you are talking about “Peacefull solutions”, “Talks” and all that Arab shit, do know one thing. The dirty Arabs cannot even sit in a peace talk for one second. Even, if you continue supporting them, one day they’ll use you and ditch you. Take our side and stand-up for Israel !

  4. Gemechu says:

    I am tribe of Hinna mayi Ethiopian jew who want to return how you could help in the process ?

  5. Gemechu says:

    Bete-Israelites in the Case of Hinna

    One of the peoples who scattered from the North in the 17th Century by the case of king Susenyos was resulted the coming of one of known Hinna tribes to current North Wollega.It was only not to Wellega but also to East Amhara and Southern region of Dawuro tribes.
    The original home Land of these area where believed around Quara and Dambiya where the Yacov kingdom was rule Ethiopia and conflict with his brother King Susenyos.The coming of this Hinna and other Falasha tribes who affected assimilation by Mogasa and Madhacha where historically and Orally known that they are non- Oromo peoples.This is as historical written by Dr.Tesema Ta’a and only there is still saying that as follows in the peoples.
    1-Tumtu(Blacksmiths) come from distant (Tumtu biyya fagootti dhufu)
    2-Tumtuu(Black smiths) have no blood heritage with Borena Oromo but the slaves may be. (Tumtu hin Borentuu garbi ni borana.)
    These saying are people concept and orally using to identify in creating good relation with their own. In this case Tumtuu means black smiths and it includes peoples who basically live using skill for their livelihood in iron working , weaving, pottery etc…in that Local concept. So that the term Tumtu ( black smiths) ,Shemane( weaver) suphee dhooftuu (pottery)can be equal used to name one of them.
    As Tumtuu is skill and not a tribe each of these peoples also have their own tribe name which stay still not assimilated by Mogasa or madhacha and almost all of them their own tribes. As a result of Mogasa even though many of Tumtu have two tribe name that to which they assimilated by Mogasa and their own original tribes name. But Some have still their original tribes name their own cultures by losing some culture.
    One of the main and known tribes is Hinna tribe.The term Hinna Originated from Language Geez,it means beauty. Hinna have seven sub tribes as follows :- Hinna Gamdi, Hina Gidani , Hinna belti,Hinna Wondi ,Hinna Hinan , Hinna Sharbi,and Hinna Mayi . This was before 17th C or 500 years before today. As their some original language term and orally elders says before 300years of today all Tumtuus were speaking some
    Other Language which we current forgeten. And as their name denotes they using Geez Language of naming it that we can be source that it was their original language.
    Almost all who Currently called Tumtu and having different Mogasa tribes are Falasha peoples in that area. Their Mogasa tribes name may be by Oromo tribe and have their own tribes or forgeted and live with Hinnas. Gafat is also one of these peoples who highly assimilated to Oromo in last 100 years.Chego tribes is also who highly assimilate to both Gafat and Hinna tribes.
    Generally,the name different between Tumtuu and Falasha or Hinna is a confusing.As a result of Tumtu is a skill that the peoples called like Hinna tribe who only based on weaving as both skill and tribe name it can be equal to be used as Falasha.
    Hinna was one of the main and more than half of these peoples in the area Hinna lives in all Abay river sides from Qeellam Wollaga of Hawwa walal or Tulluu walal to Horo Wollega in East.That means in all Wollega sides of the river they dwell in scattered manner. Some peoples may also confused that peoples who have skill come from North and related to the other tribes probably Kimant or Agaw or Amahara.
    This is easy and not confusing for their peoples. Because they know that their culture is Israel.By Language,Geez, we can understand that the speakers of Language from the north peoples were Amhara ,Falasha and Tigire.So they can not be confused for Kimanta or Agaw or any other’s except Tigire Amahara and Falasha.In Amhara and Tigre most of the skilled peoples were Falasha in ancient time domnating in the Gondor area.But not all skill peoples were Falasha.As history studies there were no blacksmiths scattered from Amhara or Tigire exept Falasha who come as exile to south.Including that many history written that Hinna is Bete-Israel.
    Including to this their culture of Judism religion is the main identification that denotes their Israelites origin that relates to Falasha. These Hinna and other all Tumtus believe in God creation of Adam and eve that celebrating Adamo holiday after easter of Thursday that stay for seven days and they called Adamities which is called Pesah.It emphasize that we have to follow our original Israelites religion and believe.Adamites in Ethiopia means Jew orally.
    As a result of all these and other clear history they were Falasha peoples who currently their relatives fled to Israel through refuge in 1991 G.C. as Solomon Operation.
    As a result of these Falasha peoples living with area have the same culture, skill religion physical difference their own common sense to each other that with others.
    Religion of Wallaga Bete-Israelites
    Oromo falasha has their own culture and religion that related back to Israelite that trace back to 2500 years ago. Falasha in Ethiopia has common culture that identify the history.
    Specially Judism religion is one of the main identification until the scattering by Susenyos. But after scattering even though it is not all in all practiced some were in their life. one of the main practice in the Oromo Falasha is male Circumcisions and to other local common culture with north is also Budism. Budism that the people called Buda and discriminated as evil-eye when they enlightened.As rechared punk hurt AAU, Prossofer in history written about Wollega black smiths they were discriminated as a result of Budism called evil-eye. Even though they can’t trace their origin the relation between Oromo gentile and them was a great gap that until they can not eat food in one dishes together he said, As Budism says some one they enlighted one can eat more than what he could be, or free from all his problem and get more power than all his infinity so, by doing some rituals still they can be more than their enemy power by their body or eye.Still this is practiced in West wollega Falashas around Hawa walal and all other area of West wollega.
    The other common religion of Falasha in E/wollega is Gimina is the only Hinna or Oromo Jew local religion that the spiritual leaders with his messengers serve all peoples.After some praying and ritual proccsses some sprit up on the leaders and see the vision or what happen in the past history of the person any wrong or right future or past. The leader send a massage to any person relation to the prayer person a word.It called of Gimina the word of Gimna is a power full, true Godly no one could deny his word as most peoples believes.If only of his friend cheat the other any person ask Gimina and Gimina can identify and revenge in favour of ritual power.

    Original Oromo peoples do not know circumission and they begin in the time of Susenyos that Gada leaders obligated to circumsed by Susenyos.Susenyos who were Oromo Gudifacha and king in the 17th C was the main role player in Oromo circumission traning.
    The other main and common religion practice of all Hinna and Falasha in that area is Adamo.In Adamo holiday each of Falasha village will celebrate for a week by preparing different cultural foods.They celebrate together for a week in a group each day with each person home visiting.It is their main and unique view that Adam is the first person made up of clay.These Falasha peoples lives in the people Oromo who believe in Waqa the black sky is their God and they argue that the creation of first person is not Adam but another person before.As also science today and describe different view about evolution and creation religion who bases.Judism including zoarism believes in Adam as the first person. And these poeples are called Wara Adam or adamite means Hinna.
    All these religion are currently practiced in different area of any its people in wollega the most of them have changed to Christian of orthodox and protestant having their own Judiasm as a cultural religion. For examples,in Hawa Walel of Qeelam Wollega Budism is highly practised in remote areas border of Sudan.Gimina is also in E/Wollega of Limu Wereda and generally in E/ Wollega Adamo holiday is highly celebrated
    The origin of Hinna in Ethiopia specifically around Western Tigray as some history written says it was at Temben and orally Shire are historical origins.So,we have to be sure that these poeples are Tigre Jew.They live in Southern region of Dawuro tribes of red color who generally called Amhara Dawuro of south region.In Amhara they are living in Hinna Mayi Wereda of East Gojem Zone.Hinna Mayi is the main ruling tribe of these society that all tribes usually called Hinna Mayi.
    Geographical areas of Hinna Peoples
    Hinna peoples live in scattered manner in three regional sate of Ethiopia as follows:Amhara region,Oromia region and Southern nations and nationalities Region. Orginally they come from Tigray Temben Weredas.As many books say all Jew from Quara scattered to North and East from Gonder at the time of King Susenyos.These peoples are who fled to north to Tigray region.From Tigray region they were searching a place past 400 years a place to live.So, they are scattered to all Ethiopian regions.Basically our peoples and history believe that Wellega Jew originated from Amhara region.This was described in Book written by Dr.Tesema Ta’a in his book of Wellega Documents.He describe these peoples as Medhach called tribes who live there pre-Oromo and conquered latter by Oromo.Medhach means tie in Oromo. The Oromo peoples tie hand of the ruler of the tribes for seven days and come to agreed to live together without conflict. The celebration was made then that goat will be slaughtered and its skin used as tie.Here Hinna Mayi the leader of Hinna is listed as Medhach.The origin of medhach peoples are also written that they come from Amhara having their own sub tribes from Amhara.
    Currently these peoples live in Hinna Village mainly around Hinna river in West Wellega.They also live in that Zone around Yemalig Welel Wereda,Hinna Mayi Kebele in border of Abay through Nejo,Haro Limu Wereda,Limu Gelilie Wereda and Kiremu Wereda in scattered manner.
    In Kiremu Gafat is one of who live in the area and some of Chego tribes of these peoples marry together.Mostly Hinna tribes who live in Kiremu marry Gafat than other society than themselves.
    The other place of Hinna tribe is Amhara region of East Gojem Zone Hinna Mayi Wereda. These peoples believe them selves that they come from tigray and They are Tigray Jew.These peoples can be one third of the society living in the wereda.The other area were current Hinna mayi are living is Southern Nation and Nationalities of peoples region in Dawuro Zone of Adi Amhara tribes.As a result of all Dawuro tribes are only black,but these tribes are white they called Adi Amhara.This to denote that they came from north not only Amhara.As on the book written by Southern nation and nationalities profile published to build the current Southern Nationalities peoples on the page____.In this book adi amhara who come from three areas of North Ethiopia are create together.The one come from Temben Tigray region called Hinna Mayi tribe who come also from Tigray and the same tribe to Hinna mayi of Amhara and Wellega.The other tribe was Menzina Gishe and the third is from Agew District. Three of them are called Adi amhara and all are Bete-Israelites as the book describes.In the book there are also many other Mayi areas that can be more than ten areas Mayi sub tribes are listed.Commonly Mayi shows the relation between each sub tribes naming and the same originality of the Hinna and its relatives.Asres Yayeh also described that there are Bete-Israelites tribe also in Oromia region.That he describe by saying there are also in Gala Hager,and Debre Markos.The Gala Hager Jew are Oromo Hinna or Hinna or Hinna mayi tribes.It also describes that at Debre Markos there are Ethiopian Jew.This is right that Hinna Mayi is one of the tribes there. All these terms have used in different ways. The other word used is also Adi Dawuro or Adi Amhara in the southern region. The real tribe of these society name is Hinna Mayi and two other tribes.
    The other Oromo Jew is that in the book of Dr.Tesema Ta’a it lists in the Mepacha tribes in Oromia.There are many Mephach tribes in the area who come from north Ethiopia and the book call all of them Amhara tribes.Or the sedentary peoples of Amhara who were before the coming of Pastoralist Oromo to the land.In the thesis of Tesema Ta’a it also indirectly described that all tumtu and Faki are non-Oromo peoples living in Wellega.
    On the book written by Oromia Tourism Bereau it described as Orm-dure those pre-Pastoralist Oromo tribes it means.the Oral understanding of the local elders of Wellega Hinna is from the north Ethiopia of Afar Border or Wello.This local area is Debre Markos around in the border of Wello near Afar of Hinna Mayi wereda.
    Mayi Tsebri is the kinship of these tribe that the real oral origin of hinna Mayi according to our elders is around Shire.It is real that we can come through Temben.Mayi Tsebri and other many mayi tribes are kinship of Mayi Tsebri.Mayi Tsebri is a local name and tribe of Bete-Israelites in Tigray.Currently Mayi Tsebri have moved to Israel.
    Generally ,these society are described as Ethiopian Jew or Bete-Israelites in the Book of Asres Yayeh list of the areas.
    1.Tesema Ta’a. Wellega documents from 1880 to 1920. 1986.A.A. Addis Ababa University .
    2.Asres Yayeh.Bete-Israelites:History,culture and livelihood.1982.Canada.
    3.Southern Nations Cultural Berou.The profile of Southern Nations and nationalities and Peoples. 2001.Addis Ababa.

    • Mo says:

      I know I’m late about 3+yrs in discovering this blog & comments but hey, Gemachu, Great job in citations & thanks for the fresh info! I’ll be looking at these sources you mentioned! meanwhile, I think the best place to start is to gather all the DNA data you can and take a test. will tell you wt you need, I think it’s pretty standard req for all DNA testing so even if you can’t go through them, you can start looking for other viable alternatives to get your test results and your heritage. Good luck, mate!

  6. Wakene Wakewaya says:

    I am tribe of Hinna Hinnani. But I faced difficulty to believe in what Gemachu says. I have also tried a lot to find out our root in the Oromo genealogy, but I couldn’t.

    • Mo says:

      Hey there! If the sources that Gemachu has cited check out to be true, then Hinna ppl are ethnic Amharas.

      Re: Oromo history, their actual migration into East Africa and the Horn of Africa has been extensively documented/corroborated by three unrelated historical sources of the time- Ethiopian, Yemeni and Portuguese historians. At that particular time, Mohamed Giragn of Adal (Afar) had declared war on his southern & western neighbors as Oromos travelled into Ethiopia and clashed with him. They also warred with a nearby sultanate of Hader (Harrer) and upon killing the Hadere leader, they settled there as well. In short, this was 500yrs ago, which is 3.5k+ yrs after written documents establishing the existence/empires of “northern tribes” known as Amhara, Afar, Tigres, etc. Even Shewa, a kingdom that was founded in by the Sultanate of Ifat/Yifat precedes this migration event because it appears manuscripts from as far back as 896AD.

      Some researchers have suggested the genesis of Oromos began in southern Africa tribes, namely from Botswana. The linguistic, cultural and traditional nature-based religion centered around a sacred tree & the ancestors as well as DNA markers have strongly suggested this. The theory is that the Oromos travelled as clans, not as a tribe with centralized leadership and that they followed the Nile River and began to settle alongside the riverbanks as other clan members continued to travel north, hence why there are various groups of Oromos in East & North East Africa. Others have agreed and suggested the possibility of Botswana itself being a branch of Bantus (Bantustan), the largest ethnic group in the continent.

      We definately need more scientific research to give conclusive answers to many people as it can help prevent future conflicts and displacements. And thankfully, we live in the day&age where you can get a DNA test to trace your lineage. This is one of them>> check it out!

    • Mo says:

      Btw all the migration history I mentioned can be easily found in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, along with so many sources cited (obviously, it’s the Britannica, right? Lol) Good luck with the first step in the search for your roots! All the best!

  7. gemta2012 says:

    Hey Gemechu:

    I belong to Hinna Wangi! I have been conducting extensive research on Hinna (in western Wollega) relations with Jew. some facts I explored (such as the categorization of 12 HINNA and their purposes, social stratification and classification visa vis with Oromo) gave me sense. But it I need to undertake further study before posting my premature conclusions. Can u and any other support/ team up in furthering the study?

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