Apple greed: buy a mac now and you’ll have to pay extra for the soon to be released OS upgrade

Posted: June 17, 2009 in science & technology
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snow leopard ripoffThis stinks! It makes me even like Micro$oft better. Download Squad reports that Apple has decided to charge users, who buy a Mac now sporting the Leopard OS, US$9.95 if they want to upgrade to the soon to be released Snow Leopard. Micro$oft on the other hand offers buyers who get a computer now with Vista onboard a coupon for a free upgrade  for the also soon to be released Windows 7.

What’s the matter with Apple? Of course, $9.95 isn’t much, and that alone would be a reason to drop the charge. But this case is also about principles: it’s simply unethical to charge users extra money a couple of months after the purchase date when you know already that what you sell them now will be outdated then. To level such a charge simply is an act self-conceited arrogance (which of course is a vital part of Steve Job’s personality).


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