Spezify – a new visual multimedia search tool

Posted: June 17, 2009 in science & technology
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Spezify is a new freeform search tool for the visually excitable. Unlike standard search engines, which produce search results as a list of links with some textual clues, Spezify returns a multimedia imagery collage made up of pics from websites, video clips, ebay and Flickr fotos, and text clips from microblogging sites and sites like Wikipedia (see image above). Depending on your screen size, the collage might not horizontally fit onto a webpage; being presented a bit like a multimedia wall you’ll have to scroll across in addition to up and down.

The images don’t have an immediately visible caption; to get an idea of what they represent you’ll have to click on them to access the content clue as well as the URL for the website. To go back to all search results click the image again and it will merge back into the wall. Videos can be watched without leaving the page; like with all other images, clicking on them brings them forward to enlarge them for viewing. Once finished watching, click on them again and they’ll disappear into the background. Text results show a lot more content than Google previews, but with the focus on imagery there are less of them.

Spezify does not make your favourite standard search engine obsolete but it provides a great complement, especially if your brain’s preferred information processing mode is ‘visual’ and you’re looking for a topic overview.

[Via Download Squad]

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