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Kyle Bean’s (or is it Karl Bean?) Russian doll style model show the evolution of the mobile phone from the Motorola Dynatac (1983) to Apple iPhone (2007). Those early models certainly deserved the attribute of being called a brick.

Via Creative Review

It is befitting that an aggressive, militaristic state like Israel would develop this combat mission weapon: a “robotic” camouflaged snake that can transmit video and audio as it crawls through difficult terrain and into enemy territory. The robot will gather intelligence behind enemy lines with a camera and microphone installed in its head.

Wired’s Gadget Lab says that this monstrous device “conjures up a nightmare world inhabited by writhing robots as they slide through the underbrush, watching our every move. Shudder.” While the consequences of such weapon will be no laughing matter, Wired’s proposed Top 5 Hollywood Answers to Israel’s New ‘Robot Snake’ might be.