Save Elephants from Circus Abuse

Posted: June 19, 2009 in society
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Care2 Action Alert

It’s heart-wrenching.

Baby elephants are ripped away from their mothers and forced into a life of abuse and humiliation that is reinforced with bull hooks, whips and electric prods.

Don’t allow animal abuse to continue at the circus! >>

These are the elephants forced to perform with Ringling Bros. Circus, which is schedule to set-up near New York City in America this summer. New York City officials recently announced that Taconic Investments has donated land for Ringling Bros, which should help save the suffering amusement district.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has contacted the city and Taconic to inform them of Ringling’s lengthy history of animal abuse, but they refuse to sacrifice this moneymaking opportunity for animal rights!

Join people from around the world who are speaking out against animal abuse >>

Abusing circus animals for our entertainment is unnecessary and just plain wrong. Thank you for showing that you do not support this inhumane practice.

From Care2 Respectfully yours,

Karina M.
Care2 Petition Site Team

Take action link:

P.S. Learn more about animal welfare issues including abuse, testing and pets in the news by checking out Care2’s Animal Welfare Cause:

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