The oppressive regime in Iran is bad, but so is the CIA

Posted: June 23, 2009 in reflections, society
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I’m no supporter of oppression or any other form of state violence and brutality. But let’s stop being hypocritical and become fair instead: while the Western world is rightly up in arms against state sponsored ruthlessness and barbarity in Iran, let’s ask the question: where is the same outcry and fervour when demonstrators are savagely beaten and killed in Western countries? Where is the same global mass protest when innocent people get murdered by British police in bungled terrorist operations and the cops walk free and unpunished? Where was the mass mobilisation when Bush stole the election from Al Gore? Why don’t all of you out there who get so agitated about Iran speak up when the same or similar things happen in your own country or other countries in the Western hemisphere?

Which begs the question: what creates the difference between widespread worldwide apathy towards acts of state sponsored violence and election fraud in the West and the passionate uproar against the same things happening in Iran? If the video clip authors are right, and I have no reason not to believe them, the difference lies  in the role states like the US and Israel play. Campaigns like the one against Iran are planned and executed involving the Western press as well as undercover activities in Iran, and they feed into and leverage of anti-Muslim feelings that are constantly maintained in the West. Campaigns against Western state brutality on the other hand is systematically suppressed by governments through their agencies and by the press. The Western stance is hypocrisy par excellence and the masses are just pawns in the game: they either demonstrate when they are told to or remain silent and ignorant when they are kept in check.

C’mon you guys – wake up!

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