Who runs the American media?

Posted: June 23, 2009 in media, society
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There is no such thing as objectivity in the media, and especially not when it comes to Israel’s role in Middle-East conflicts. Probably nowhere in the Western world is political interference in this context as systemic as in the US.  And it’s the US press that helps shaping the American soul and that floods the globe with the empire’s culture and ideology. No wonder we live in such a troubled world.

  1. V SEKHAR says:

    Thank u Isiria for providing such a wonderful video which depicts in simple terms how American media is so obsessed with fear of reality. But Are they able to stop the facts to spread. Certainly not. Those who do not believe their lies may be minority for now. But there is a day when their number turns out to be overwhelming majority and put full stop to their nonsense. Let me copy the video and post it on my blog. -V Sekhar, India.

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