UFO sightings?

Posted: July 8, 2009 in society

I have to admit, I would never put much effort into finding out a reasonable amount on UFOs, but others do of course. I found this clip on PakAlert, who has another 11 or 12 links to other so-called UFO sightings. While I certainly wouldn’t dispute the high probability of the existence of plenty of ‘intelligent’ life forms in our universe and beyond, including the possibility of some visiting this planet, I’ve got little to get excited about by simply seeing glowing lights either on film or moving about in the sky. Even if these things are extraterrestrial spaceships – unless one lands beside me and some entity invites me in, i’m afraid their presence means little to me ;).

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  1. 2012 says:

    This stuff is happening more and more these days. Maybe the aliens are warning us of something or getting ready to show themselves fully to us.

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  3. […] UFO sight­ings? (isiria.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] UFO sight­ings? (isiria.wordpress.com) […]

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