Ban bullfighting

Posted: July 9, 2009 in society
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Every year 250,000 bulls die slow and torturous deaths as a result of the bullfighting industry.

Spain’s annual bullfighting season got underway just this week. Help end the inhumane treatment of bulls by banning bullfighting today. »

While many of us imagine the matador piercing the heart of the bull with one quick movement, in reality, the bull is repeatedly stabbed, skewered and slowly weakened as it bleeds to death.

In today’s modern society, bullfighting is no longer an acceptable form of entertainment. In fact, there are millions of Spaniards and people around the world who strongly condemn bullfighting and are actively working to stop the brutality against the animals.

Help stop the gruesome killing of hundred of thousands of bulls each year. Sign the petition urging Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to abolish the cruel and barbaric sport of bullfighting.»

Thanks for taking action!


The Time Has Come to Recognize Bullfighting as an Inhumane Form of Entertainment.
Help ban bullfighting today!
Take Action!
Prior to every event, bulls are intentionally debilitated by having sand bags dropped on their backs, their horns shaved to throw off their balance and are drugged to reduce their strength.
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