Cyberspace – great web browser for the iPhone

Posted: January 1, 2011 in science & technology
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Web browsing on an iPhone and probably any other smartphone is a pain with having to zoom, scale and not being able to fit web pages designed for desktops. Cyberspace changes all of that by using Instapaper’s engine – built into the browser – to reformat any page for easy, clutter-free mobile reading. This is how the developer describes Cyberspace’s features:

  • Cyberspace works great with links-packed sites/articles (e.g. Wikis, social news sites, Tumblr dashboard, top-1000-something blog posts, etc). There’s no need to get out of your current context to check out a random link – just queue it to visit after you finish your current article.
  • Use Cyberspace to visit your favourite sites – the browser gives you access to both Local bookmarks and Online bookmarks for example saved on Delicious (I hope the developer will add Diigo at some stage).
  • You can key in the DuckBar anything – be it a web address or any search terms. Cyberspace’s so-called DuckBar not only provides Google Suggestions but also is a gateway to more than one hundred search engines and tons of other goodies. For example: prefix your terms with an exclamation mark (!) to use site-specific search. The DuckDuckGo-backed DuckBar supports more than 600 sites (try !google, !bing, !hackernews, !reddit, !tumblr).
  • You can change between different keyboard types at any time using the Switch keyboard button. Tap-and-hold any links or images to access the contextual menu. You can open it right away, copy it to clipboard, add it to the Reading
    Queue or send it to either Instapaper or Read It Later. Apart from the usual Cut/Copy/Paste command, Cyberspace will also equip you with the ability to search for selected text or add that search to the queue.
  • Cyberspace makes it easier to read things. For one, ad blocking is enabled by default. You also got the Readability bookmarklet at your finger tip – removing clutter around what you’re reading, stitching articles spanning several pages and focusing on the actual content of the web page are no-brainer. Last, Cyberspace features a Text mode powered by Instapaper Mobilizer. Pro tip: Turn it on when you go to Wikis.
  • Cyberspace helps you quickly share content on Instapaper, Read It Later, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Delicious, Pinboard and Google Reader. And it helps you automatically determines how it should share your content: as a link, an image, a quote, or a full length blog post.
  • If you have Pastebot and OmniFocus installed, you can also send content there for storage and turning into todo item.
  • Cyberspace features a scratchpad right within the app. You can use it to quickly jot down ideas and store random information you found on the web for your own purpose.
  • Links from other apps can be opened in Cyberspace by simply being copied to the clipboard. Upon launching, Cyberspace will offer you to either open them or queue them for later reading.
  • You can use your favorite TextExpander snippets in Cyberspace.
  • You can launch Cyberspace from another web browser by prefixing any link with the letter ‘c’.
  • None of your data is tied into Cyberspace — both your Reading queue and local bookmarks can be exported whenever you want

That’s it. Happy browsing!


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