David McCandless

Posted: January 3, 2011 in people
The last three posts were about visualisations of ideas, issues, facts and stats. Here’s the man behind it all.


The Billion Dollar - O - Gram 2009David McCandless TED Talk



I’m an award-winning writerdesigner and author based in London. My work has appeared in over 40 publications worldwide including Wired and The Guardian.

My new book Information Is Beautiful explores the potential of data visualisation as a new direction for journalism and story-telling. I love that!

Check out my blog. It’s dedicated to visualising ideas, issues, knowledge and data – all with the minimum of text. See what you think.

recent work

02.10 Kyoto: Who’s On Target? How is each nation doing?

09.09 The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions Staying focused is an art

08.09 Time Travel in Film & TV Infographic

08.09 The Billion Dollar Gram Billions spent on this. Billions spent on that.

07.09 The Buzz vs The Bulge Caffeine vs Calories

07.09 If Twitter was 100 people Infographic

08.09 Information Is Beautiful Dedicated to data, ideas and stories in graphic form

05.07 How To Complain In A Restaurant For cap-doffers like me.

04.08 I’m a Webby Award Honouree My Internet spoof book gets cited!

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favourite work


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