James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

Posted: February 5, 2011 in creativity

James Blake is quite an amazing guy – he’s apparently only 18 or 19 years old, a classically trained musician and dubstep producer. And this video work is awesome. Here’s the Allmusic blurb on him:

Influenced by the likes of D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder along withBurial and Mount KimbieJames Blake is known for injecting some soul into the genre of dubstep. The London-based producer first gave the world a taste of his quirky, R&B-sampling strain of dubstep in 2009 when his Air & Lack Thereof 12” appeared on the Hemlock label. Blake received quite the endorsement when the heralded Soul Jazz label picked the track up for their Steppas’ Delight 2 compilation that same year. Blake raised his profile every few months during 2010 — something of a breakout year for him — with a succession of warmly received 12″ releases: The Bells Sketch(Hessle Audio, March), CMYK (R&S, June), Klavierwerke (R&S, October), and the single-sided “Limit to Your Love” (Atlas, November). The last of the series — a cover of a song by Feist, in which Blake‘s heartfelt vocal was placed front and center — served as a precursor to his first full-length, issued the following February.

Unfortunately for copyright reasons the above video redirects to Youtube, which is unfortunate but worthwhile nevertheless. And not as an alternative but complementing the clip above, here’s another version of the same song; a BBC live recording.


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