What atheists really care about

Posted: February 5, 2011 in reflections

  1. Is that all that atheists care about? a fight against God?
    I have read so much about them in search of what their true motives are, their inspirations, their fears and their overall view about life and its meaning. I must say, its been interesting. Atheists lack common position on anything, everyone has their own to voice. One would be fair to say that they are a group of arguers who thrive on arguments mostly against christianity and God Himself. Their biggest of all argument being the lack of evidence to prove that God exists. As i read along i was made to realize that atheists are a combination of two kinds of people:

    The first kind is filled with people who no matter how hard they dispute the existence of God, do believe that God does exist and is responsible for all that happens. These have however made a stance to deny the existence of God because of what has either happened in their lives or the lives of people known to them. This kind, for various and varying reasons, are angry at God.
    Inevitably something bad happened to them that led them to question God and his love which is so fervently talked about. Like spoilt children, in their bad experiences, they made demands of God who either didnt answer them, or did answer in ways they werent expecting and so did not take notice of His answers and as a result of a supposedly lack answering were overcome with anger. And so they chose to go against God.

    The second kind, are they who were condemned from the foundation of the earth. The bible talks about them in Revelation 3. For them it was created that they should not believe. The bible and all its wisdom to them is nosense, because you see thats why Jesus used parables that hearing they would not hear and seeing they would not see lest the see and understand and eventually repent so their sins can be forgiven. Theirs are not supposed to be forgiven and they cannot escape hell.

    In conclusion, there is hope for the first kind. Because for all that were given to our Lord Jesus Christ, He will loose none. They are bunch of brats that will eventually turn around and run to the Father’s open hands. Them he loves. Even if they dont understand that its not them that chose God, but that its Him who chose them, He will redeem them.

    For the second group, there is no hope. Because it was created for them to be just like they are. For all their lives they will argue about the most obvious things until their appointed time comes to go to hell. And when that appointed time comes, no one under the sun can stop it, atheist or theist.

    • Ben says:

      Firstly, atheists lack common ground because atheists don’t feel the need to congregate for the purpose of mutual reinforcement of what they believe. Secondly, you’re clearly an excessively ignorant person who makes ridiculous assertions about people that are atheists. You are also not selling anyone on the second “type” of atheist that you have described, keep your jargon and fantasy talk to yourself, it’s insulting that you think people are that stupid.

    • Ross Burnett says:

      Kitaka, there are uncountable millions of people that are absolutely convinced you will be going to hell, because you don’t believe the right way. Good luck with that.

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